Friday's Ten happy Things Vol.4

Welcome once again to Friday's Ten Happy Things, where I will list the ten things that made me smile or happy this week!

1. Okay, to start, I know I shouldn't bother anymore but this week really gave off the reward for the graham balls. Lol. So damn many orders from the students and I am loving it!

2. Mob Boss Series By: Michelle St. James. Nico Vitale is just so damn hot and very lovable! Sad that the third installment, LAWLESS isn't on the market yet but will be, soon! And I am very excited!

3. The fact that I had updated at least one story for each of my two wattpad accounts! I feel like really celebrating because after a few weeks of being very unproductive when it comes to my stories, this time I really finished the drafts that has been sitting there and posted it.

4. I am reading more and more ebooks these past few days and I am loving every inch of it.

5, OLAY happened to me. I am gonna make a review soon. :)

6. It wasn't on my plan to go to MIBF yesterday (Friday) but Sic asked me in a way I can never say NO so yeah. We are also with Mira, another wattpad Philippines Ambassador.

7. MRT happened and no hassle going to SMX. I mean.. I don't know. Traffic has became a constant problem that having been able to arrive at your destination on time is a luxury! MRT isn't crowded too, thank God!

8. Got some freebies from my co writers who had a book signing yesterday. Maxinejiji's admins also made us so damn happy because of our constant laughs and jokes.

9. Had the chance to ate KFC TWISTERS again! It's a fave and after quite sometime, I just happened to want to eat it. 

10. Excited for today's events. Our company have a lot of events and such on MIBF today so I am looking forward to it.

How about you, what made you happy and smile this week?

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