Last Day Of MIBF 2015 In Snaps: I'm Scarlette Queen!

I only attended the once before this year, and that was the MIBF 2014. It was my first time in an event as big as that and an event dedicated for books and I admit, I got a bit of culture shock with the way the people are carrying bags and bags of books and such. I never knew people here in Philippines was this sucker for books! 

A few days ago, I attended yet another MIBF for this year 2015. I was scheduled to have a book signing event at the last day. It became a conflict with the WATTPAD MEET UP but luckily, I still had the chance to attend the meet up after I cut short my book signing event then went down again to continue. I mean, good thing me and my RED ROOM co writer, Race Darwin decided to just go back down to our company's booth to resume our book signing because when we got back, there's still a lot of readers who lined up for their books to be signed.

It was really tiring aside from the fact that I already woke up with a headache. I am not the type to drink meds because if I feel something, I'd just let it be gone naturally but since I am going in a big event and I am a bit afraid that I might put on an accidental frown because of my headache in front of my readers, I drank mom's suggested MEDICOL. And it helped a bit but it came back later on. I am still wondering how did I survived my 12 hours with my headache on.

Anyway, I'll just let some of the snaps to speak for what really happened in my last day of MIBF 2015! 

My admins! They're the two of my youngest admins. I already met them last year. Kate, the one next to me, also attended last year together with my other admins who came from other provinces. Sad that they did not make it to this year but I understand and I am really hoping to meet them before the year ends. The other on is Shanice. She's only fifteen and a really sucker for wattpad books. They're my companions throughout the WATTPAD MEET UP.

While waiting for Race Darwin and Yui Chizuru, who are my co writers under my pen name Scarlette Queen in Red Room Media, me, my admins and other co writers registered for the WATTPAD MEET UP first then came back to start our book signing event.

Yui got a little bit late and we decided to start the book signing since there are already people lining up. This shot was taken by our company admin. I was actually already signing a book at that time but had to pause for this snap.

I really don't know what to expect because it's my first time to go on public as Scarlette Queen. I got known for my Elle Strange username in my first wattpad account and even though some of my 'close' readers knew my alter ego, most of my readers in my SQ account doesn't so yeah, there are other people who brought their Elle Strange books together with Scarlette Queen book. I had to sign alternately and I got confused a few times but luckily, I wasn't mistaken on what sign to put in the books before me. 

My followers in my Scarlette Queen account isn't even in the one fourth of the followers on my Elle Strange account and I was glad that there's a lot of people who bought THE UNLIKELY BUSINESS even though I don't really have a lot of followers there. I mean, it meant they really liked it and I really really appreciate the fact that they went to our book signing even though there's a wattpad meet up happening upstairs.

On the way to the meet up, we saw this doodle board and got a pic taken. Shanice took the middle picture again when we arrived. It was blurry and I was thinking what was that supposed to mean then realized that it was the time when my co writer who is supposed to be 'one of my harem' greeted me by pulling me into his lap like.. HAHAHA. The third picture is a groupie with my LIB co writers. I think that was the only groupie with them that I was in because the next minutes, I spent in roaming around looking for people I wanna meet while on the venue.

Took a selfie with these DYOSAS. Yui Chizuru, MalditangYsa and Fedejik! :)

Went down again to resume our cut-short book signing and this groupie is like one of my most fave one because:
  1. Yui, Race and me is complete and are actually sitting in the book signing.
  2. Race is the only THORN among the ROSE! Lol.
  3. I dubbed this image as the INNOCENT AUTHORS CLUB because the five of us are writing matured stories. 
I was suppose to go home after this but decided to come with CD, my co writer and some of our friends. We stayed in sea side for a few minutes and it rained so we decided to eat dinner at the food court. We went back to SMX again because CD wanted to buy some books. She did not had the chance to buy earlier because of too many people. 

I had a snap with Marcelo. Lol!

My co writers Jigsther, CD and friends Gaile and KC! 

The precious pages staff were already cleaning the booth but we decided to just sit down at the carpeted floor and talk about random things. I called Sic, who's talking with our boss and went to the STARBUCKS near sea side. We decided to go home around 10:30pm. 

So that summed up my 12 hour experience at MIBF! :)

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