Dear Future Boyfriend.

I have been single for three years and I am loving every minute of it. I really enjoy freedom and the fact that I don't have to worry another soul for their feelings for me (in a romantic way) or for things such as permissions and other stuff. I don't hate it, it's just that it's not my style. 

Anyway, I can't really make my creative juices flow for now. Even my on going stories are still ON GOINGS so I opted for a post about something that I have been wanting to do for two reasons. One, because I probably won't or can't tell these things to my future boyfriend and second, he might stumbled upon my blog and 'accidentally' read thus post. So yeah.

1. I am not a nagger. I am someone who hates misunderstandings and I have seen quite a lot of stupid mistakes done because of it. So I am the type to ask questions, and get answers in a better way. What's good with nagging anyway? Aside from the reason that the person you nag to will just get mad, it can start a fight. We can talk, no nagging. Though I still have tendencies...

2. I am not pro PDA but a little skinship in public occasionally won't do harm. Unlike other people who put on sour face whenever they see couples that loves PDA, I smile when I see couple who screams that they are in fact a couple just by small gestures and little things. So I can really appreciate holding hands (not all the time of course) and some more things. I don't know, I find it sweeter than almost always hugging in malls or the likes.

3. I love back hugs and cuddling. I love the idea. And the physical comfort it gives.

4. I am one of the guys. Yeah, I have a lot of guys friends, and I mean, A LOT. I am so close with them that some people think I'm a flirt (well I can't blame them, it's what they see) and I would hate it if you'll want me to choose between you or them because they are my FRIENDS even before we met (or became together) and I know my limitations, specially now that I already have you.

5. Please do not be clingy, possessive and bossy. It's the triple combo that I am scared of the most. It always happens and it gets ugly. I am a woman who's carefree, my relatives likes to party, I have tons and tons of friends and acquaintances, then there's these places and events I want and need to go to. I hate being treated like a fragile child that can be broken along the way. We can have our times but we have our own lives.

6. You don't need to give me your social media passwords and we don't need to text or call each other all the time. You can tell me where you wanna go and I can tell you my opinion if it's a bad idea and you can tell me why it's not a bad one. I am not threatened, when I trust someone, I really do. I don't like the feeling of someone who reports their everyday life and schedules to someone. But then there's woman's intuition and stuff... 

7. I hate small serving foods that are priced like gold. I already lose my appetite whenever I encounter something like this. And I think it's too 'sosyal' so I would still go with buffets (the worth it ones) and I can tell you some since I have been to quite a few buffet restos around. Even the dessert buffets.

8. I am an optimistic person, but I have my downtime too. So I hope you'll bear and keep up with me when this happens. I can be bitchy, rude and unreasonable when it happens but it's just one of those normal times every people goes through. And I can stay with you just the same.

9. My relatives always tells me to bring 'my guy' next reunion and I want you to know that yes, you have the rights to be culture shock and yes, you have the right to be drunk and I won't take it against you. I am the oldest in our line of cousins, and I have been the fave of some of my titas and titos. Years ago, they always tells me not to marry early and stuff, and I can't even remember when they did started to ask me to bring that special guy for them to meet. I would just smile and laugh because really, I don't have anyone to bring! There's two official reunions on my father's side that we always attend too. My father's mother's family and his father's family. Now, that's just the official ones. There's still the 'unofficial' ones and they have this tendency to welcome the supposedly new part of our family by making them drunk. They want someone they can talk to and be with at ease, because that's what we do. They can also be mischievous but they are all nice and will treat you that way too.

10. Last but not the least, please give me time to adjust. I know, I took my chance with you, but that's because I have faith in whatever we have, but I am still not used to commitments and other stuff. Rest assured that I will do my best with whatever we have but I need time, and your patience and understanding in this situation of mine. It's not easy for me, but with you, I hope it would be.

For future reference or advance 'love' letter. Lol.

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