6 Annoying Lines That Women Who Drinks Are Tired Of Hearing.

I started drinking when I was just fifteen, so that was ten years ago. Okay, technically, that was the time that it became more official, but the truth was, I already tasted "tuba" when I was just thirteen and I liked it. My parents and relatives knew about it, but because drinking is actually like one of the 'tradition' or what we really do when there's a gathering, they didn't really mind, as long as we're with our own people or someone they really trust.

Looking back at the past ten years that I had with liquors, beers and booze that I tasted, I never regretted that I grew up like this. Being someone who drinks and actually likes doing so makes me feel stronger. Although I don't judge or condemn someone who doesn't drink, I feel like since alcohol was made, it's made to be consumed. With different reasons, of course.

Anyway, throughout the years of me and these drinks, the things that I'm gonna be listing down are the things that I actually heard or experienced myself. And I can honestly say that I have went home many many times the next morning still drunk, but I got home safe, and still intact. I take care of myself, it's one of the things I always keep in my mind since I started liking it.

1. "You're a girl, you shouldn't drink too much." Well hello, you're a guy, aren't you ashamed you did not even bother to ask for another shot after the first one you got, like, twenty minutes ago? A person's gender shouldn't be the base on how much he or she can only drink. Just as much as it won't matter if a person likes to drink or not.

2. "You drink more than your father." Alright. You're a stalker now? You think you know how much my father drinks to compare how much I drink with how much he can? Anyway, I would just take this as a compliment because it means, even though I already drank a lot, I am still not drunk enough to give in to your antics for me to pick a fight with you. No? Sorry.

3. "Your drinking habit is a turn off." Thanks, your way of thinking is a turn off too. I don't just drink my whole life. You just saw me drinking and you hated my 'habit' already? Alright.

4. "Is that how the way your parents brought you up?" No. But they trusted me when I was younger that I can be responsible enough to let me drink and here I am, still alive, kicking and intact.

5. "You're an alcoholic!" Unless you're a licensed doctor, please, do not diagnose someone and tell them they have a disease or a problem. You'll be in trouble.

6. "I don't know why you like drinking, it tastes horrible!" I like drinking just the way you like doing the things you like that other people, including me, might not like. It's a preference. We have our choices and reasons for doing so.

Do you drink? Do you have any other lines to add? Hit it in the comments! :)

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