6 Reasons Why Cubao Is The Place To Be.

23 out of my 25 years of existence, I am here in this place, having a life. Growing up, I always knew how lucky we were that we got to live in this part of the city. My mother never failed to make us realize that and whenever there's a chance, I try to tell people why CUBAO is worth going to.

My friends would sometime call me and ask me if I am available to accompany them whenever they are in Cubao and I would if I am not busy. They knew I know the place where we can go or what we can do while in the area killing time. It has been like a tradition for some that whenever they are nearby or in Cubao specifically, they would call or send me a message to meet them. It has also been one of the most picked up place of meet up and such.

So yeah, these are the five things that makes CUBAO the place to be for me.

1. Are you from North? South? No problem! Aside from the fact that almost every buses in the city uses EDSA as their route, plenty of BUS terminals are all over Cubao. Baliwag Transit to Victory Liner are all lined up in EDSA around Cubao. The former terminal in Ali Mall was brought to the back of Shopwise next to Gateway Mall. I always remember my mother telling me when I was just in High School that whenever I get lost, I should just ask someone or look for the jeepneys or buses that has CUBAO as their route because they are everywhere. Even though I am not gonna go home yet and I still have a place to go, Cubao will have the right bus or jeep where I would find to get me to where I would have to be. Some FX and Jeepney terminals are also all around the place.

2. LRT and MRT has CUBAO STATIONS. Although MRT is next to Farmers Mall and LRT is next to Gateway Mall, it's still pretty convenient for people who uses or rides MRT or LRT going places. They are also adjacent to these malls so you don't really need to soak in the rain if it pours or be tanned in the sun while going to the stations.

3. Thrift shops are all around the place. There's a lot of thrift shops or ukay-ukay as most calls it around Cubao. There's some in front of Farmers Mall, then there's some along Aurora in front of Isetan and then there's Fashion De Lite in front of Eurotel near Araneta Coliseum. It may not be as an ukay-ukay paradise as other places but the fact that there's a lot of shops in Cubao meant you have choices if you wanna do thrift shopping!

4. Hotels and Motels are everywhere. When I was still studying in PUP, I was amazed with the amount of motels and hotels around the area. After a few years, I realized Cubao slowly took the crown of having most visible hotels and motels around. Have you ever had that one night of hard partying that just by thinking how long you're gonna be on the ride home, you just groan in dismay? So you look for a nearby place where you can crash immediately. And hotels and motels in Cubao will always welcome you. There's Sogo, Eurotel, Vista, Astrotel, Spring Hotel, Nice Hotel and so much more. There are also a few apartelle around the place. If you're on a tight budget, you can always find the right deal for you.

5. Night life? Check! If you're the type to just chill the night away or the party girl type, there's always a place for you at night in Cubao. North Park and Kangaroo Jack in Araneta Coliseum can be your place to chill. Then there's Cubao Expo and the famous TODAY X FUTURE where you can get sweaty and have all the fun. Plus, the people around are still alive until morning, you won't be alone walking in the streets.

6. Foodie Paradise! From the most expensive foods in restos in the malls to the cheapest in the nooks and crannies of the streets and MRT and LRT stations, there will always be that certain food that will make you crave to have a taste. Foods in stalls as well as the street foods on literally the streets of Cubao can be seen almost everywhere, particularly near footbridges. You can be sure to be full without spending so much.

And let's not forget that the buses are 24/7 and most of the jeep and FX terminals closes later than the other because Cubao is a main road and large volume of people are coming in and out of the place.

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