Bloggers Are Annoying.

I was on my bed, watching this particular Korean Drama I stumbled upon Dramacool when a situation in this certain episode involved a food blogger. I wasn't thinking too much about it, but the blogger really got my attention because she has this really big lens in her camera that she was using while taking pictures inside the resto.

The scene was this: While the food blogger was taking pictures of the place, her son was playing around. It's a fine dining restaurant, so I thought, is it acceptable for a kid running around a fine dining restaurant like that? Anyway, when the blogger focused her camera into the food itself, she found it a little bland in terms of its look so she asked the main girl character to re heat it. The girl said that re heating the pasta can make it look unappetizing since it will look saggy. The blogger got a little bit arrogant by saying that 'Do you think I don't know that? I have been food blogger for 7 years already! Just re heat it!" So she did.

When she was walking back, holding the bowl with hot pasta, the blogger's son who is running around bumped into her and she got  burned. The blogger went to her son immediately asking if he's alright and just went straight into scolding the girl. Now, what happened next was the chef slash owner of the restaurant immediately talked to the boy and made him realize it is really his fault. The blogger became mad, the chef asked the blogger is she getting mad because other people are disciplining his son, and the blogger said yes. The chef then said, that's what he felt too since the girl is his employee.

The chef's sister in wheelchair came to stop the commotion, but the blogger instead insulted her by saying "I guess there's really no one who is normal in here." The next scene showed how the chef pushed the blogger out of his restaurant.

After a few more scenes, the result was the blogger sued the chef. Aside from the fact that she defamed the chef and the restaurant in her blog, she told the police that she had to be hospitalized for three weeks because of the physical injuries that the chef made.

Alright, that was kind of intense and over acting but then, it can happen in real life. And it happens.

It made me ask myself, why would people believe us in our ratings when we rate products, movies, foods or anything? I mean, if you think about it, it's kinda absurd, we're like telling people what to buy and what's not. They believe us base on what? Most of our readers doesn't even know us personally, or even if, it doesn't guarantee them of the things we say is true. 

We rate based on what? What are our standards?

Being a blogger, I was always on the positive side of being one. Personally, I find blogging entertaining. It became a habit. I like documenting things, taking pictures of that particular scene, people, food or random places. I like talking about this and that. So whenever I blog, I feel like I am being productive. Specially when I look back at the things that I have posted. I believe that blogging is marking yourself in the world wide web. Even if the websites and pages are endless, your blog makes your mark in it. You are a part of the world wide web.

Being compared to reporters (I feel like my eyes was opened when I watched PINOCCHIO, also a Korean Drama) kinda made me feel like "are we really already that powerful that we can make or break a particular establishment?" and I don't even have to ask someone about it because I know, we can. Bloggers have this influence that not just ordinary people or consumers can relate, but also people from different industry too. Professionals or not seek the internet for answers., I know, because I am one of those people who has an already opened tab of GOOGLE if ever I wanna search something.

But then, do bloggers claim that people should or should not buy the product because we didn't like it? Did we ever claim that we are professionals or specialists in this field that people should always believe in us? We don't really call it ratings nowadays. We call it reviews.

What we do is telling other people the experience we had while using this particular product, the places we went to, the taste of the foods we ate, the feelings we felt while doing things or so. We do not claim being the specialists in this field. We made connection with the people because most of us are normal people who just happens to document random things and such. We mirror the people who reads our blog. We gained their trust because they can relate to not just what we post or let them read or see, but because they can try it their self.

What other people don't understand is, we, bloggers, doesn't tell our readers what to do. We influence them, but we never 'order' them what to buy or not. We state our opinions but never claim for it to be other's opinion too. We share our experiences but we never brag nor belittle other people for the life we have to what they have.

We influence, but we never dictates.

I don't know if this post makes sense anymore but when I watched that particular scene in the drama, I felt like I had to defend not just me but other bloggers that other people seemed to label as people who claims being a specialist on something wherein they are not. I feel like we are being misunderstood. Yes, some, if not most of us, earns from blogging but it doesn't mean we should be a target of other people's annoyance and to be compared to reporters. I mean, c'mon! Reporters has their bosses. We do not. I mean yes, we have, but it's just our self. Duh.

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