Friday's Ten happy Things Vol. 6

It's that day of the week where we make a list of the ten things that made us happy or smile this week!

It's late, but it's better than none at all. Right? Lol.

1. I finally had the time to read one of the two pocketbooks written by Rose Tan. It's about a handsome and hunk politician who was forced to court the girl who saved her life when he got stabbed because of politics. Then he eventually really fell for the girl. It's so cute! And funny! That's what I already expected because it's ROSE TAN! Who else!

2. Chilled with these people. Sic, Tina (Also a wattpad/published writer under Blue_maiden username) and Mira, also a Wattpad Ambassador.

3. Watched HENERAL LUNA with them too! I cried at the later part of the movie. Although Paulo Avelino's close up shots as Gregorio Del Pillar made us scream, I cried my eyes out that it hurts when we went out the cinema. It's just so sad. But over all a must watch movie.

4. My first time eating at BANAPPLE. Lol. We decided to eat and kill some more time after watching Heneral Luna and their book shopping spree. Seriously. Even Mira can't believe I haven't eaten at Banapple before. And I didn't know they have pastas and sandwich. But it's superb.

5. Night out with some reader/friends. After Mira and Tina went home, Sic and I met with friends who asked us to join them for some bottle or beers at Kangaroo Jack in Araneta Center Cubao.

6. Stumbled upon this mini manhwa-turned-into-drama series, NOBLE, MY LOVE. Feel good mini series that will make you fall in love all over again. I mean, it's not as heart breaking as BOYS OVER FLOWERS or some sorth. Although it's cliche (rich good looking guy and poor girl) and the mother of the guy being a bitch, it's more of about how the two character's feelings for each other bloomed throughout the drama.

7. These scenes from NOBLE, MY LOVE. I wanna cry with joy. There's only a few drama that really does the skinship of a real couple once the lovers became established and I am really feeling it. Watch it here! 

8. Foodtrip with Sic and my sister since we just all stayed at home last Thursday. #CafemariaJerica

9. Realizing that I actually won 200php worth of gift certificate from being one of the winners of BOOKLAT PARTY'S game and just saw it again this morning. Whew! Will use it to buy coloring books for my younger cousins.

10. Night out with my cousins last Friday night when I went to Novaliches to bring them some foods and to know how they were and to see all of them. 

Join the bandwagon! List the ten things that makes you happy the whole week every Friday!

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