How Do I Make My Graham Balls.

There are already a lot of GRAHAM BALLS making videos or posts out there and I am well aware of it. But still, I want to share to all of you how I make my graham balls that most of you knows one of my 'sideline' since I am a full time writer that just stays at home. This post will be image heavy and I will put on some tips too. 

Notice: This is how I make my graham balls, however, you can do your own take if you're interested in making some too.


Crushed Grahams - I buy the 1kg Institutional pack because it's cheaper and more convenient for me, However, there are also other smaller packs you can buy if you want to practice. Other stores are selling the 1kg pack for almost 200php but in Puregold, it's only 135php or so.

Condensed Milk - Any condensed milk can be used. I sometimes use GOOLAIT because it is cheaper and it tastes like YEMA already. It sells at aroun 28php per can.


Medium size marshmallows - This size is more convenient because it's not too big nor too small. One of that pack costs 48php.

Paper cups - I buy these babies in CHOCOLATE LOVERS CASTLE that's just a walk away from us. One round plastic costs 27php.

Chooey Toffee - This one's optional. You can put some or just use sprinkles or something as coat. One bag costs 40php.

Put an amount of CONDENSED MILK into the bowl with crushed grahams. Add a little water. Mix. Then add some more if needed.

This part is a little tricky because the outcome should be the right amount of sticky. The mixture cannot be watery or too dry. If it's too dry, it will crack if you start to make it into balls. If it's too sticky, it will be hard to make into a ball. Mixing is a bit tiring. Make sure that it there will be no more dry crushed grahams.

This is how it should look like.

Tip: If the mixture became watery, you can just add some more crushed grahams. Make sure to mix it thoroughly.

I use flour instead of confectioner's sugar because it will just add to the sweetness of the balls. You can use sprinkles or the left over crushed grahams for the balls to roll at.

If you notice, there's a cup of water in the picture. The mixture will be sticky, so you need to wet your palms so the balls will glide smoothly and will not stick to your hands.

I learned this trick after a few times of making graham balls for our desserts. I get annoyed whenever the mixture would accumulate into my palms. It's messy so I was glad I discovered this trick.

Flatten some of the mixture in your palm then top with the marshmallow. You can easily roll it this way to make it into balls.

No crack and smooth surface.

Roll into the flour then put into the paper cups.

After all of it, I'll cut the Chooey Toffee into three's and put them on top with some more condensed milk. So if I use confectioner's sugar for the balls to roll at, it will awfully be too sweet.

This type of graham balls is very delicate because it should be disposed after a day or two. More if it's just in the fridge. It cannot be shipped because it can spoil.

Again, you can just be more simple by rolling the balls into anything you want. Sprinkles, confectioner's sugar, milk, milo (used this before but it's a little bit hard to work with)  or nuts! You can even coat these with chocolates. Be creative!

The kids loved the Chooey Toffee because they said it compliments the taste of the grahams. I haven't tasted it yet because I feel 'umay' while making a lot of it every night, but even my sister said so. So yeah, the secret's just in the mixture. Just make sure that it isn't too dry or watery.

In 1kg pack of crushed grahams, I can make almost 200 balls with two cans of condense milk.

Good luck!

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