My Love-Hate Relationship With My Books.

There are readers who either love or hate the books they read, but there are also readers who love and hate the books they read at the same time. And there are writers too.

Whenever I write stories, the time I consume in writing them depends not on how I liked it, but on how I am in the mood to write what was on my mind. And it's not easy. It takes a lot of will to put what's on your mind to writing. And it's one of the many struggles of most writers just like me. For others, they think that grabbing a laptop or device will automatically make us write. No, that's wrong. We still struggle. There are times where we would just stare at the screen in front of us, asking ourselves million questions, our minds are rumbling with ideas and we are distracted.

So whenever I finish a story, there's this feeling of triumph inside me. I have finished a lot of stories but the feelings will be the same as the first, it's like I was reborn. Then if my story got approved for publishing, what more can I want, right?

But earlier this year, I realized that as I grow in my writing career and path, some things change. Just like how my view for things and other stuff in writing. My books became my main subject in this change. I love my books, my stories. But there are things I wish I could have change in them. Which, we all know, would be impossible already.



I based this story from PRINCESS HOURS / GOONG. But with a different take. They have been arranged to be married for their grandfather's legacy. The guy's iced cold in terms of interactions with other human being, thus, ICE KING. Then there's underground society and such. Those things. There's guns, violence, secrets and one sided love. 

What I like about it:

The suspense, the mystery. I never knew I had it in me until I read some of the reader's comments. This one's the first story that I have written in my pc way back and my creative juices are still fresh at that time. I also like that aside from the main characters, I had the chance to establish other minor's character's life and other stuff. The twist and turns are also one of my favorite things in this story. The readers seemed to be interested in other characters too. I knew that I made the readers mixed emotions and it's one of my targets that I completed with this story. 

What I don't Like About It:

Alright, I know that I used the 3rd person narration in this and as far as I am concern, I have written this story maturely-ish. But I feel like some of the scenes are a bit childish and unnecessary. I am well aware of some scenes being fillers because I want every chapter's ending would be a bit of cliffhanger. I also hated the fact that while I am targeting a bit older audience aside from the teenagers, I limited myself into the fact that I categorize this as teenfiction wherein I can clearly added more details to make it happen.

Title: Faking It


They faked a relationship because they can both benefit with it. She can help the guy by pretending to be his girlfriend to stop other girls obsessing about him and she said yes because he helped her in being accepted in her OJT. But there's a catch. While they are buying supplies in a supermarket, a baby suddenly got into their cart. Plus heartbreaks and true love.

What I Like About It:

I am not being biased but I really really love this story. It's not as deep as others but I can feel this story in my heart. The reader would think that the guy character here would be cliche but no. He's rich, handsome, a model. But unlike other male characters, he isn't a playboy, he isn't a bad boy, he isn't a brat, he isn't cold. He's just him. He enjoys life. The female character on the other hand is chubby, has pimples but did not got swayed by the guy immediately. I love their bickering, I love the two character's interaction. I liked that I had a baby added to the plot. I love how the male is so possessive yet he's 'under' when it comes to the female character.

What I Don't Like About It:

I confess, I rushed the last five chapters of this one and I failed in the ending. I mean, although it's the editorial team's fault (yeah, I really blame them a bit for this) because it's their responsibility once I emailed them the file, I blame myself for sending it too early. The ending in the book was different from the ending that got posted in my wattpad account. Before it was released, I sent the editorial team an email telling them that the ending should be changed and attached the newest ending I made. But then, the old ending got published. I feel so bad knowing this. Also, I should have at least introduced a female character that would get the second male's interest so that I can work on it for his own story. Ugh!

Title: Seducing Bad Boys


A former rich girl went into a public High School to study and met four rich men with mysterious and bad boy-ish aura. Reverse harem. The lives of other characters are involved as well. Slow phased and very detailed everyday life of the characters.

What I Like About It:

I have proven my theory about one thing. I came up with the idea after lurking on wattpad on what type of stories does the readers really read the most in the site so I experimented. This is my most read stories so far with 5 Million reads overall so the elements I used here were proofs that what I observed and applied in this story is plausible. Anyway, I also liked the thrill and suspense I created in this story, the readers got confused on who would be the end game. I also loved the fact that my readers became closer because of this story. I have a lot of first in this.First story written in first person POV, first story in High School setting, first story that got more than two male characters chasing after the girl and so on and so forth. I received praise for the 'manly' pov of the male characters that I have written. And I am proud about it.

What I Don't Like About It:

I don't really know what I was thinking while writing this. I love all of my works but I feel like I stepped in a wrong path with this. Although there will be no one to be blamed because it's all on me. Although I don't regret writing this one, I wish that I should have put on more substance. But many readers liked it so it's still a good thing. I also wish I did not put on so many characters. I lost track on some of them.

Title: The Unlikely Business


Unrequited love, heartbreaks, misunderstanding, revenge and happy ending. This is my first EROTIC ROMANCE story that got published in my other pen name.

What I Like About It:

I believe that this is one of my heaviest story so far. There are a lot of things that went on in this. readers got confused, got happy, got mad, felt betrayed and cried, just like what I felt while writing this. I like that fact that I have written exactly what I wanted to, ever since I dreamed of this plot one night. I really love my characters in here. Their thoughts and feelings. As well as this book challenged me into coming out of my 'teen fiction' comfort zone. And I succeeded! I also felt that there's no fillers in here, maybe just a bit because every part is really essential to the story itself. The male character in her is like my ultimate 'dream' guy came alive.. in fiction. Lol.

What I Don't Like About It:

I felt like I rushed the ending although I know I did not. Lol. I hate this kind of feeling. I feel like this is a one of a kind story and I should have written a more 'pasabog' ending although I felt satisfied the first few times I read it. I don't know, I am confused! Lol.

So yeah, one of the many cons of having a published book is that once the story was already printed, you can edit the manuscript in your computer or laptop, but the readers who would buy and read the book will stick to the story that they already read in the book. We can't change what we think we should have changed and made it better. But then again, there are also a lot of love, sleepless night, coffee, headache and other stuff we sacrificed for these stories so we have to treasure them.

Do you have a book that you love and hate at the same time?

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