6 Things You Shouldn't Really Be Afraid To Do So.

There are a lot of people who aren't afraid to do greater and bigger things in life but when it comes to the tiniest things, they becomes afraid. I know. I know, because I can say that I can be like that sometimes. But after a few while of contemplating and realizing the things I already experienced.. heck! Why am I still afraid? Why do I always think that there might be something that will go wrong? But then again, how would we know if we aren't gonna try, right?

1. Stepping up in the counter and order. When I was just an elementary student, of course my parents are the ones ordering for me. The number one thing that got me nervous when I grew older is the fact that I might mess up the orders and I would be scolded by the person taking my order. Or what if the food we are actually ordering isn't available, what would I say? Should I leave my line and call them to ask? But the line's already long. Those things. I mean, I always think of the worst case. But eventually it came to me that the patience in this type of situation is give and take. He/she can wait for you to say your orders clearly, and you can wait for your orders to come. Or better yet, write a list of the orders so that you can just read it and not mess it up!

2. Picking up the phone and call the customer service. I always feel like it can just be a waste of time. When I was younger, of course I don't know how they can actually help. I always think that you call them to complain and then they will 'take a note' on that complain. Like, they can't help you in that instant. They still need to escalate and it will take some more time, and I don't like doing so specially the fuss. So yeah, it's been a thing that's not on my list to do. But when me, myself, started working at a customer service industry, that's when I realized that I was so wrong. People are trained to solve the complains and concerns within the time frame of their call and it's amazing. As a person who already worked at a company with this kind of nature, let me assure you, there's nothing to be afraid of in talking with the person in charge at the other end of the phone because that's their job. Just don't forget to be clear in telling them your concern as well as listen to them with full ears so it won't be a disaster.

3. Asking someone for directions when getting lost. I wasn't afraid of people, but I was afraid of getting lied to or being judged before. Judged in a way that they would think I am an idiot that I got lost wherein surely, I got the instructions already. Those things. But then, I started to see the real deal when some of the friends I am with showed me how to do it and how not to be afraid. A simple "Excuse me, do you know where I should ride if I am going to this place?" because seriously, there's nothing rude about it. People will be more than willing to tell you. Yeah, there are some jerks who would really just make fun of you but asking for another opinion wouldn't hurt. And you don't have to be shy because what's the chance that you'll see that person again in your lifetime? It's better to be practical than be sorry!

4. Asking the jeepney driver or his assistant for your change, may it be a peso or a centavo. The first time I stood up on something like this was when I was still studying. College. My fare's supposed to be only 10php and I gave them 20php. They gave me an 8php change. If I just have spare coins, I wouldn't bother but then, I needed the 2php badly so I asked them how much the fare since I am a student. They gave me the 2php more. I admit, I was a little nervous- no, not little, but really nervous. They might tell me that the fare can be actually 12php and I can't do anything about it or other scenes like they would embarrass me in front of the other passengers. But after that incident, believe me, I felt like I was a different person. It felt new, like I stood up on something for the humanity (for me, well, I am human so..) and everything became clear to me. We shouldn't be afraid to ask, but be sure not to be rude since they can also make mistakes.

5. Tell the jeepney driver or the bus conductor to drop you off in a certain place. Just like how I was afraid to ask for directions, I realized that I can ask the king of the vehicles their self to drop me off in this certain place. Most of the time, it's really a stop over, but if I don't know the place, I wouldn't know where I would get off. They can be really accommodating if you just ask nicely. They can forget it along the way but there's no harm in reminding them.

6. Fall in line to a free taste booth! Like, seriously! That's free! A lot of people are on the line so really, no on would judge you for this because all of them are with you! And that's the real purpose of the free taste itself, for people to taste their products for free! There's no crime in claiming something for free if they are the one offering it. Another thing, there won't be something to be shy about. So what if you fell in line to taste something for free if you can actually afford to buy it? No crime done, buddy. And it will be fun if you are with friends. Believe me, I have been in this situation. Multiple booths, actually. And they are very accommodating for the people to try their products or samples.

What are the other small things you think people should not be afraid of or be shy about? Comment bellow! :)

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