Volet's Resort Experience.

Chelsea invited me and some of our friends to celebrate her 15th birthday in Volet's Resort in Dasma. It might be too far for some, but our group seemed to be in favor of resorts from the South such as Cavite and Laguna. Anyway, Chelsea's birthday is really today, October 25 but she decided that it will be more convenient to celebrate it in a Saturday.

Luckily, SAN AGUSTIN bus terminal is just near from our home in Cubao. It's just that there are time wherein the passengers still have to wait for some of the bus to arrive. We waited almost for forty minutes for the bus to arrive. I really like long bus rides if it's air conditioned and I don't have to get off the bus for another.

Me and my friend and reader, Tine, arrived at Volet's past 10am because of the traffic in Dasma itself. Volet's is just along the way. You can just ask the ticket officer of the bus to drop you off at Waltermart Dasma.

When we first set our foot in the resort, it felt overwhelming. I mean, it's huge! There are a lot of pools and cottages! The parking outside is also wide. I felt giddy and excited to try every pools, aside from the fact that I think there won't be a lot of people at that time but we decided to eat first.

I decided to take a walk before we splurge into the water because my tummy felt heavy as well as I want to explore the place a little more.

Okay, this is just the block where our cottage was and it felt like it's an unending path walk. The place has so damn many cottages surrounding the pools! I can only imagine the amount of people who would fill the place if the peak season comes.

One last selfie while I'm still dry!

It's just a bit disappointing because the pools aren't really clean. There are tons of things floating and such. I understand that the water consumption of the pools isn't a joke, but they should at least maintained it better. I swear, the people at that time we were in the resort isn't even in hundreds, but the pools aren't that clean anymore.

I also saw the place, it seemed that they aren't well maintained too. My friend told me that maybe, it's because it is not yet the peak season. Cleaning the whole place would be too hard but then again, it should be because it's a resort and the hygiene of the place should be a priority. Or maybe I just got a bit disappointed because when I searched their website before, I learned that they received an excellency award so I have high expectations.

Some of the cottages have dirt too. I hate to say that I feel like the entrance I paid for which is 230php isn't that worth it. Well, I have been into resorts and other places which has cheaper entrance fee but the place can be compared to them and much more clean and not disappointing.

Anyway, I might just ask some people who would visit for the peak season and I would just ask them about the place and their experience.

We got ready to get out past our supposed due time because we enjoyed this pool for kids. The depth's just 2 feet to 3 feet and it's cleanest out of the pools we went in to. The building surrounding this pool is still under construction. They're adding rooms.

One last group picture before we really leave the place!

Yep, they also have their own HOTEL. The place is really huge!

Overall, it's still a nice experience for me. I just hope that I'll have a more satisfying experience if ther would be a next time to VOLET'S.

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