5 Reasons Why I Love Long Rides.

I love taking a cab for the sole reason of comfort. I mean, I don't deprive myself of the comfort I can afford to give myself if I can. So whenever I go out and I calculated that taking a cab is a better option, then I'll take a cab. But before I get to afford taking a cab on my appointments, there came a time wherein I had to commute and be part of the hustle and bustle of the people everyday. And I don't like it, really. I always want to take my time on the road and here are the reasons why.

1. I love the idea of just sitting but still moving forward no matter how long it takes.

It doesn't matter if it'll take me an hour or two in the bus, just as long as I know, it's moving forward. I hate traffics most of the times, but instead of just getting mad about it, I just enjoy it whenever I can. I tend to go out earlier if I estimate that there's traffic. It's like I know It' will happen, but I feel satisfied if the vehicle would start to move forward after the traffic jam or if the stop lights said GO. It might sound weird for everybody but unlike other people who value their time in getting many work done in a time, I'm the type to enjoy my time with whatever I like to enjoy it with. And this is one of those things.

2. I love the convenience of it that I don't have to move to or ride other vehicle to reach my destination. 

Some of my appointments, I'd have to ride two or more PUVs to reach my destination early. But as much as I value my time in arriving at the right time, I also value the fact that I hate going up and down other vehicles to reach my destination earlier. I want to reach my destination in comfort and on time. Even if it'll be longer (that's why I like it) and more expensive. If I have to choose between 3 ride route that can take me to my destination in twenty minutes versus one ride that would take me forty minutes, you all know what I would choose. 

3. Gives me time to think and observe people.

I think that whenever I'm on a long ride, I realize random things, specially when I look at the people I am riding with, or people I see on the streets. It gives me these ideas, these words to read while on the road, it gives me a peak of their everyday life that is obviously far from my weird way of living. So it makes my brain more functional because of the random images, things, people and ideas I can think of when I'm on a long ride.

4. I feel relaxed before I get to my destination.

At least, that's what it makes me feel. An hour or two ride can make me feel calm and more relaxed before I arrive at my destination. It's like my body and mind felt relaxed while just sitting there with random thoughts in my head. Long rides are like my sanctuary. I don't know why but it just appeals to me. It makes me think of what ifs and it makes me smile.

5. It makes me anticipate my destination more.

It's like it's more thrilling of arriving at my destination after an hour or two in the ride. I love the feeling of anticipating on things such as events about to happen, gifts to be given, stories to be told and actually arriving in my destination after a long ride.

I don't know if it's just me but I actually think I am weird because of these. Lol.

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