Friday's Ten Happy Things Vol. 12

It's Friday again so it's that time to list the ten things that made me happy this week!

This week's supposed to be productive but I don't know what happened. I did not even had the will to write at least a single chapter in any of my on going stories. My readers are already begging me and I was begging myself too, but there's just no way I am gonna write if I have to write just for the sake of having an update. I treat my stories so damn precious that I don't want to put something in there that I don't want to be there just to satisfy me or the people. I mean, c'mon. I'd like my story to be the story I want to read too.

Anyway, I got #APECtado today but I'll be saving the story for another blog post.

1. Tine's debut was a success amidst the fact that almost half of the invited guests did not able to come. I am really glad that I became a part of this crucial time of her life even though in my age, I should already be attending WEDDINGS instead of DEBUTS. Lol.

2. Finally got my paycheck for my latest manuscript and it's bigger because I have incentive! Yey!

3. I actually went to the office with le famous friend SIC and as usual, we had an explosion of sarcasm and insults for each other.  Lol. We actually got a bit of surprised when we came to the office because of a different ambiance. HAHA.

4. Love desserts with Sic after coming to the office. 

5. Got my highest rank yet because of my post about Sic. I got upset when I learned that a certain hater posted a bit of personal hate message about him in his own group. So yeah. #IbaNaKapagSikat #FanGurlsEverywhere

6. Two people donated for #FreeBookDayPH this week and even though it's relatively low compared to last year, we're still happy that people still gave something as token for the participants + cash from a co writer that we will be using for the key chains.

7. More than one people are really determined to meet me in person. They said they kind of think that I'm interesting (which is a bit creepy but yeah) that they wanted to know me more. ~shocking~

8. Infinite Challenge's IC FESTIVAL 2015 episodes were DAEBAK! Their performance in the festival itself were really interesting and awesome. I really think that KOREANS are really talented in entertainment industry.


10. Received a good feedback for my THE UNLIKELY BUSINESS from a Precious Pages Bookstore attendant her self. It always feels like the first time whenever I hear a compliment regarding my stories or books.

So, what are the things that made you happy and smile this week? Join the fun!

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