Friday's Ten Happy Things Vol.11

It's that time of the week again to list the ten things that made me happy this week!

1. My Mom's tacos.

2. My pearlized water color. I bought one in NBS when I saw that it's fairly cheap and decided to try it and bam!

3. Getting back to my ~artistic~ side. The hair's color is gold from the pearlized water color.

4. Pili nuts from my sister's friend. She's also from the same province but on different town. Yum!

5. Tine's debut later. :)

6. Received a good news that my paycheck's ready and just waiting for me. Might go next week or if I'm not in the mood to be lazy. lol.

7. The news that my babies are having a come back! B.A.P Fighting!

8. This week closes my biggest sale ever in my graham balls. I mean, I payed for the 200php I borrowed from my mom this week, I even did not had a sale last Monday because of some circumstances but I still had a sale close to a thousand bucks and I still have tons of supplies. Haha. #HappyKid

9. Getting to know more bloggers that I follow. You should all know I'm a creep because I really love reading other people's thoughts on things, experiences and such that's why I follow mostly personal or lifestyle blogs. Cheers!

10. I got over the 'feeling down phase' I had last week that's why I was enable to post last weeks F10HT but I am back.. with a vengeance! lol.

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