Review: Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash (Honey) + Olay Total Effects Day Cream.

Good feed backs? That's all I am hearing when it comes to the beauty brand Olay. Before, all I can do is read how good their product, specially their face creams. I mean, I don't need to interview people on how it does because one, I have a few friends whom I learned using Olay products and two, well, they all say it's good.

But what's the use if you won't try it yourself, right?

I am a cheapskate. My brother or sister would tell me sometimes how I always think too much or hesitate in thinking or weighing if I am gonna buy something because they are a bit pricey. Yes, I have that tendency. And I am not sorry for that. It's just that I'm more of a 'right now' kind of girl. If it's something that I can use now plus it's cheap, we have a deal.

But it doesn't mean that I am not wanting to use expensive brands or things. So when I had the chance to try Olay (okay, really, most of you thinks Olay is fairly priced but I think it's really quite expensive but I changed my mind after I tried it) and got lucky that aside from having a free sample, I also won in a contest wherein I got another pack! Or maybe, I am just really not into beauty products that I am not hyped enough to have a routine. But Olay made a difference in me.

Deep Moisturize Body Wash w/ Honey. (200ml)

I was currently using Johnson's Baby Milk Bath before I used this one. The consistency of the two are different. Johnson's Baby Milk Bath is thick compared to this. This one's a bit runny, but it's alright. I'm a vanilla or honey scent kind of girl so this one's a plus. A little amount can go a long way and I feel really moisturized after using this. I am still using this until now for almost three weeks already and I am very satisfied. I don't need lotion anymore after a bath.

Total Effects Day Cream (8g)

I am not a fan of face creams. Really. Just by thinking about it makes me feel icky. But I still tried this one. I mean, I can't miss this opportunity, right? I have tons of pimples and I am not thinking that this will be my savior, but if what I really focused on is my skin. If without pimples, I know my skin looked better while using this. I only needed less than a week to notice change. It's kinda short and well, the sample won't really last long but I had two (from the giveaway I won) and I am still using it. My fine lines in my forehead, I swear it's not that very noticeable now. And even though I am sleepless sometimes, I still feel like I'm glowing. Lol. I am not exaggerating, I swear. But you'll have to learn the right amount to get. If it's too small, it won't cover all of your face, but when it's a lot, well, you can't put back the remaining cream. Haha. It's not icky as I thought it would be. It dries faster and it doesn't make my face so oily. The consistency is thick and I don't know if it's just me but it felt like a cold cream in my skin.

I am still using these products until now and I can say that I am satisfied.

Do I recommend?


Will I buy?

Yes to the body wash, but to the cream, I would still have a debate with my mind on how. Lol.

I received a free sample pack of these product for reviews but all of my opinions stated were true and from my own real experience.

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