Social Media At Its Peak.

When my cellphone got broken, my laptop's charger broke too after a few days. I was left with my little cousin's old tablet. Good thing that it's still functioning well, it's just that I can't download instagram because the android version wasn't compatible. In short, it's too old for instagram to be installed. I am a hardcore fan of instagram because of two reasons:

  1. Its main purpose is for photos or images to be captured and be shared. Most of the time I find instagram convenient because there won't be any hassle. I'll just type a certain hastag and loads of images I am trying to look will be visible before me.
  2. There was a time I got a lot of hate from my readers turned haters and bashers and instagram was one of the few places I hid (in a way) to help me ignore the negativeness on my facebook. So it's a little hater-free environment for me and some of my co writers.
And so my routine just became facebook, youtube and wattpad. I don't want to put anymore burden to the poor tablet so the three of those are the ones that kept me busy. And over the course of my few days off to my laptop, I just realized things about social media and how people reacts to it nowadays.

I have been a fan of youtube even way back but it was just until last year that I got blown away when I realized that there are heaps of tutorials and almost anything do-it-yourself projects suggestions videos as well as cooking and recipe videos. I never thought of youtube that way because honestly, youtube is my go to for uploaded movies and korean dramas. Let's face it, youtube's video player loads easier than other video player. So that's a plus point.

A few months back, I learned that some of the VINERS I knew off (I searched for MAGCON BOYS and they popped up) are also in youtube making longer videos. I tried watching some of their videos. At first it was okay. It's like how us, lifestyle bloggers do. Updates on things about them, making fun videos and such but instead of writing, they are taking a video of their self. Until I caught videos of them doing challenges that involves foods and other gooey materials that they lather their self with. I find it a waste and it wasn't really fun for me. I am not saying I am not gonna watch their videos because of it but I'll be properly choosing which videos to see, maybe the ones worth watching and where I would really be entertained or learn something. They are kind of cute and hot (but they are obviously younger than me but whatever) but playing with foods, getting nasty in front of the camera ( even if it's not necessary) and other "face palm worthy" antics is a big no no for me. 

I can't believe people actually likes them to waste food for entertainment. I don't know if it's just me but I really can't watch those anymore.

On the other part of youtube, the first youtuber I first knew about was Ryan Higa of NigaHiga. And it's because of KPOP Idols' tweets about him. Then I subscribed and watch his videos. He's a big deal when I searched for him at wikipedia as well as his other friends. Then I learned of BeautyBaby and Mama Mia too. I watch their videos for fun. I can understand if other people would find their blogs to be a show off or bragging because honestly, their videos are all about their life and they becomes viral because people are curious about them, or things about them.

A few months back I learned about PewDiePie, Marcus Butler, Zoella, Caspar Lee and Tyler Oakley. And others more. Tons of them. True, I can give it to them that their videos are quite entertaining and worth watching but there are just times wherein I question myself as a subscriber.

"Am I really here to watch videos about their almost perfect life that I can never have?"

"While watching the videos, I feel inspired. But, after watching, it made me feel frustrated because I know I can never have what they have."

"Why do they have to be so awesome?"

Those little thoughts came into me and I am sure a lot of other people too. Sure, they post tutorials, commentaries, videos to answer fan and supporter's questions, show some skills, tell people things they encounter everyday but why instead of living our life, we turn to their videos and their life becomes ours?

I know, they also tells us that whatever we see in their videos isn't what we really perceived to be because they also have their struggles, but really, would you want to show your struggles in a video, with millions of people to see? No?

I am not saying watching their videos is bad, but I am saying is not too much of it. If the time we spend admiring people via their cameras are spent of actually living the life we live, I guess that's a better option. We can get something from them but don't let their life dictate how you should live yours.

Another observation I saw is that some of them post stationary hauls and show people what they bought but aren't really gonna use most of them. I always feel like it's a waste. But anyway, if it's for the sake of making a content-wise and worthy video for the people to watch, why not.

It always starts with the question: What's on your mind?

So the natural response would be posting what's really on their mind. People are like that nowadays. They can now just stay in the corner but at the same time let more people know what's on their mind by a single post. I mean, that's one of the main purpose of social media, specially facebook. COMMUNICATION. Right?

What happens is just too many people are answering and they don't take no for an answer. It's like they think, since they posted what's on their mind, people can't contest that anymore. Okay, fine. Not everybody are like that. But most of the times, viral conversations are a result of incidents like this. No one wants to give way. They want their opinion to be heard no matter what and there's nothing wrong in that. After all, we have freedom of speech.

But they don't realize that our freedom also relies of other's freedom. It's like we are free to buy at any store we want because we have our money. But it's also the store's freedom of they want to open or to stay close. See?

Another issue are the memes and screenshots of funny conversation or wrong grammar or spelling. I am not gonna lie. I laughed of those memes and screenshot myself but the truth is, why was there something like that? I mean, I guess it's better if we just educate them rather than point fingers on issues or something. Or laugh at them because of their bad grammar and wrong spelling. But then, who wanted to be corrected, right? Everyone's self righteous. And if you are kind or nice enough to correct the, then you're just bragging of your ability. Why are people so thoughtless when it comes to posting? I know there are uneducated and illiterate people all over the country and the world. The moment we point out their wrong because of concern, they'll be mad. It becomes a cycle, they will be laughed at for the mistake they will make again.

But I don't know, I am becoming more and more immune to these dramas. I just laugh when there's something funny. Don't get me started with chain messages, posts and TYPE AMEN and SHARE IF YOU LOVE JESUS posts. How about the hate facebook pages of celebrities that disguises as fan facebook page that posts malicious statuses that people naturally would "dare to practice their freedom of speech" by replying what they think even no matter how irrelevant it is.

They make me dizzy. Seriously.

Recently, articles about THE TRUTH ABOUT INSTAGRAM PICTURES were posted. It tells us that no matter how glamorous or well taken a photo is, there will always be an underlying not so glamorous and not so pretty images around it behind the camera lenses and our eyes.

I understand their point. People nowadays go to instagram and get envious of the lifestyle of every people they follow. They hate it, but they still look at them. I mean, is that the other person's fault for posting awesome pictures that they became the object of your hatred just because you think they live a good life? Some people conceal their hate by telling their self that what they see is fake, that the image is just staged. But guess what? Every images are staged. That's what photos are. And you were the one who clicked that FOLLOW BUTTON and no one ordered you or forced you to do so. So whatever picture they post, it's their prerogative just like how it's your prerogative if you want to post any photo in your account,

Then an article about an instagram model got out making a campaign telling how SOCIAL MEDIA is fake. Well, the answer to that is this video made by another well known instagram teen who is actually a friend of Essena Oneill.

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