Sunday Night Dilemma.

Happy Halloween to y'all! 

I am not the type to really feel like celebrating national holidays aside from Christmas which, recently, I have been really not feeling too much as well. As I had a 'morning' sleep since I already fell asleep at 8am this morning and even though I woke up at 2 this afternoon, I felt alive than other times I fell asleep these past few weeks. 

So anyway, my laptop's touch pad was acting up a while ago and I am really pissed because I was currently watching this Korean drama, Yong Pal and I am already at the last episode when it happened. I kept on shutting down the laptop and whenever I would turn it on, it'll just take a few minutes before the cursor would just jump around randomly. Anyway, as I was typing this, it meant that my touch pad's tantrums stopped.. for a while. WHEW!

Since it happened, I thought of mom's moon cake all of a sudden, and I don't know why. Lol.

And yes, that's our sofa at the back with Christmas themed throw pillow cover. Mom's really not excited, eh? Lol.

Lotus moon cake is my fave. I don't know what's the whole moon cake was made of but lotus moon cakes has a salty egg's yolk!

My mom lit up candles outside and I decided to arrange my books and comics.

This is just the second time that I decided to organized my pile since I started collecting them last year. Most of them were given by my boss or my co writer friends. Then I bought the rest. It's a mix of books and pocketbooks. These Black Ink comics were my treasure. It's rare for me to buy comics but since these are romance themed and *ehem* BL (or Boy Love) themed, I decided to give it a try and loved it. Black Ink promotes Boy Love themed. And no, they aren't *sexual* because they are just all about the LOVE. And I swear, you won't regret if you try to buy at least one Boy Love themes comics from Black Ink. It's cheaper than other comics out there. You can buy one for almost 80php only!

Anyway, one weird thing whenever I am organizing my books is that there's always missing. I know all of them and I know that they should just be there, but I don't know what happened. I know the books that my friends borrowed from me. I wanna cry knowing what are the missing books. There are so damn many that are missing and I don't remember, no, I know I did not let anyone borrowed them. It's getting weird.

This is my Martha Cecilia collection. I know, I'm far from being called her number one fan and many are claiming the title, but it won't make a difference because I really love her and her works. I only met her once in the office when I was there when she visited fortunately and I will forever treasure the moment. She's one of my biggest influences why I am here.

This is organized for me. Lol, Alright, I am not a master in organizing but I did my best. And I felt a space in my heart seeing it's not as full as it was before. And it should be because my collection's supposed to be just growing, not having less and less of them! Ugh! I am really frustrated and It felt really creepy.

So, how did you spent your Halloween? I really wanna know, so comment down and let's talk! :)

Have a good November 1st and 2nd everyone!

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