Friday's Ten Happy Things Vol. 14

This weeks has been seriously a productive week in a real sense. Add the cuddle weather and it's perfect. I mean, I hate the fact that there's a storm but I am not sorry that I am taking advantage of the weather. This is my favorite time of the year because of the overflowing foods and family gatherings, although I am really not that active with the participation of the event itself. lol!

1. I think I already met my soulmate. Or not. But I really find it fascinating that I met someone who likes the things that I do. It feels nostalgic. Lol. 

2. This message from a reader! Makes me want to write more! :)

3. Woke up one day and saw a post from RED ROOM page that my book's already released!

4. Orders of my upcoming self publish book STILL MADNESS is pouring! Self publishing is really rewarding even though admittedly, it's kind of tiring. But then again, I chose to do this so yeah!

5. Room Revamped. My sister and I decided that we should get rid of the bulky computer table in our room and replaced it with a study table from my mom's room because she just bought a cabinet with mirror too. Our room became more spacious. Though we're still gonna paint and do some stuff soon, I can already picture the new look of our room!

6. My first upcoming giveaway will be a collab giveaway with FREE BOOK DAY PH! We'll still talking for the final details but I am so excited for this! It's a New Year giveaway! :)

7. My mood for writing just came back. I updated my latest story twice in three days and it's a record breaking moment. Lol! I feel positive that I can pass this manuscript before New Year.

8. This image made me laughed a ton.

9. We'll be going to Batangas later and I am so excited! Out of town trips always makes me giddy and hyper.

10. I am positive in my travel plans this 2016 although I am not planning yet all of the destinations but planning on the funds already. I am feeling good about this!

So there ya go. Join the bandwagon! Let us know the ten things that made you smile or happy this week!

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