My Eastwest Experience.

The high that I felt when I received my latest paycheck died down a little when I realized that I haven't been really active in my bank account duties. It has been almost a year since the last time I had a transaction with my atm card from another bank. I decided to open another one for a clean start. I mean, the last bank I opened an account to isn't really my choice. When I tried to open an account in BPI because of their supposedly 'no maintaining balance' thing, I got turned down because the I.D I have isn't enough. I've had my voter's I.D and NBI clearance with me. Anyway, when I got my postal I.D I decided to just open an account to the bank that our company issues our check to. So yeah, that was the bank that I had my last atm with.

After almost a year of not really submitting any manuscript, I did not realize how long it was. I thought this was the time to open an account in BPI because I liked the fact that you only have to pay 250php to open an account. 200php as deposit and 50php for the card itself. But I got turned down again because of the I.D I have with me. I have my voter's, my postal and a company I.D which, I thought would be enough because the last time, the person that I talked to told me to have at least a company I.D. So I searched for other bank.

  • No or low maintaining balance.
  • Cheaper or comparable amount to pay like opening a BPI account.
  • Must have a branch nearby
I posted a question in my facebook and I looked and searched for the banks they suggested. Then I remember Sic told me that he got an account in Eastwest bank with just his postal I.D!

I searched for telephone numbers of any Eastwest banks nearby or within Cubao. I called this certain branch. Just like any other bank, these are the necessary requirements needed:

  • 2 valid I.D
  • Billing statement with your address
  • 2 2x2 picture
And just as I thought that my problem was solved, the person that I talked to told me that yes, I can use my voter's I.D and postal I.D to open an account with them, but the postal I.D must be the new one. Or the digitized, not the old laminated one, which, unfortunately is the one I have. It will expire December 2016 so I have no reason to apply for a new one. The next morning, I don't know what got into me. I decided to just go around and try my luck in any bank personally, but kept in mind to try at any other Eastwest bank branches first.

Until a Maybank guard told me that there's an Eastwest bank nearby Gateway mall. I was feeling nervous. I was hungry and I just want to get over this. A friendly bank employee named Yang assisted me. I gave her all the necessary requirements and her eyes glowed upon seeing my company I.D when I gave all of the I.D I have with me. I did not take any chances, I just gave her all the I.D I have as well as the billing statement under my name and the pictures.

"Ma'am, 'diba po ito yung sa pocketbook?" She saw the PRECIOUS PAGES CORP. in my I.D before she put it in the xerox machine.

"Yep, I write for them." I answered smiling.

It started there. She told me she used to read pocketbooks until our conversation lead to wattpad while I was filling up the form she gave me. She's really very accommodating and always smiling. Another bank employee named Precious came to encode my information since she's the one who has access to the computer.

"Uy, ako 'yan ah?" She seriously kid when she saw the name of the company.

I smiled when I realized what she meant. Her name's Precious, same as our company's name.

Anyway, Yang told her that I am a writer and all of us are just talking while they were busy with my forms and information. Luckily, there aren't a lot of people that time. Most were just people wanting to deposit. There's this old couple next table who wanted to open an account. Added info if some of you would want to know.

  • To open an ATM account like mine, all you have to pay is 100php. It's also the maintaining balance. But if you happened to used this, the penalty would be 500php next transaction.
  • To open a passbook account, you have to pay 5,00php. It's also the maintaining balance.
  • For passbook and ATM account, 10,000php. Also the maintaining balance.
The both asked for my username in wattpad. Lol.

I came back yesterday to get my ATM and I gave Yang a copy of FAKING IT. She was smiling and she got shocked. There's a lot of people at the bank when I came in yesterday but Yang attended to me politely.

I seriously recommend Eastwest bank if you want to open an ATM account for these reasons:

  • Opening an ATM account with them is cheaper than any other bank. All I paid is 100php and it will directly be in your atm once you get your card.
  • Withdrawing fee is 10php on the 3rd transaction every month. So if you're gonna withdraw only once or twice in that same month, it's free.
  • Account balance is only 1php per transaction.
  •  Withdrawing on other ATM Bank machines is only 11php. I heard that others are 15php.
  • You can withdraw 10,000php per transaction and 50,000php a day.
  • You can tell them if you want a lower limit for your monthly withdrawal. This is best for people who need help in balancing their expenses.
When I told Sic that I have an Eastwest bank account too, he said "Gaya gaya!" HAHA.

Anyway, basically, Eastwest bank made my life easier. Lol.

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