Why I Cannot Be A Travel Blogger.

I am always motivated with people that I see in my social media accounts who are travelling and sharing their experiences in that particular event. I have friends, even younger than me, who already went to Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Dubai or Thailand. I always tell myself that I'll just get to that point too. But I just say that. I mean, if I would travel, I want to explore our own country first.

I want to go to Batanes, Davao, Cebu, Iloilo, Zambales and some more places. I already see myself walking the streets, taking pictures, enjoying the views and the different culture as well as talking to the natives of the place. And I want to do it while at the same time, blogging. I like to share the things I discovered and let the people learn about my trip and experiences. But recently, I realized that I can travel if I want to and if the opportunity comes, but I don't think I cannot be a travel blogger or add TRAVEL BLOG to the type of blog I am currently using like what I want because of these reasons.

1. I'm lazy as eff.

Sure, I'll get giddy and excited when I am about to travel but it all dies down when I arrive at the place. I mean, I am still excited, but my excitement is different. It makes me feel like appreciating the place more by just staying at the accommodation or the hotel at the first day or so. I feel like I just want to stay there and snuggle at the sheets and feel the air from the air conditioner. Which is very unlikely for someone who wants to maximize his or her stay on that certain place because of the resources. The main agenda of travelling for pleasure (if it's for business, well..) is to experience the whole place, to explore. I want to explore the place too, but I want to do it after I got settled. Lol. I feel funny saying this but seriously. I realized this when I thought of what I did (and felt) when we went to Puerto Galera with my family, as well as when I went to Zambales with my admins/readers. 

2. I love to try new things but I also have reservations on new things I want to try.

Like, I don't understand myself. I want to try snorkeling but I am too damn scared of the sea. I want to try trekking but afraid that I'd have a problem (I am fat and even though I am used in walking and using stairs, I don't know what will happen while trekking plus I don't want to be embarrassed with the people who are with me) and might create a bigger problem. I always think like this. I have a lot of what if's and I am hating this. When we were in Puerto Galera, they want us to kayak and I don't because I don't know how to swim and I just want to stay at the cottage (refer to the number 1 reason lol) and watch them. To be able for me to share my experience, I have to have an experience. And I don't know if I can really experience the things I should have while in that certain place because of this. 

3. I don't take good photos (very much) and I sometimes forget to.

This is also an essential part to share my experiences and exploration. And I don't do it well. My sister or cousins would keep on complaining to me that when they take my photos, I'd be a Goddess, but when it's my turn to take theirs, it's either not in the right angle, too far or too near. Lol. I myself adores travel bloggers or other bloggers who share their travel adventure with nice photos. I feel pathetic but it's true. HAHA.

So yeah, maybe I can just share what I can. I am actually laughing and smiling like an idiot while typing this because I feel like laughing at my reasons. But I really think that the three reasons I stated need to go if I want to pursue this path. While browsing pictures of my friends, I'd tell myself that I want to try doing this or that but then I would think of the reasons why I can't so I'd just be in the corner being a potato. lol.

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