Erotic Romance Stories: Misconceptions and other stuff you probably don't know about.

I was scared. When my first Tagalog erotic romance story got published, there are two things I got concerned about.

What would be the consumer's initial response and what would my mother think about it?

The first question got answered immediately because my readers in my Scarlette Queen account as well as some friends from the wattpad/writing community supported me all the way. They loved the story. There's a lot of good response and I am very happy with the outcome. I knew some people who bought my book even though they don't know me personally, or that I write in wattpad. They saw it in the shelf and bought it. I know that the response for the first book to be released under RED ROOM really got good feed backs, but I got worried about mine. We're still testing the market. I know perfectly that not all people would be pleased with our genre and it got me a little worried. But then,the first few books were a success.

My mother wants to have display of copies of my books in her room. She would nag at me if I don't have personal copies of my books. She would be really bothered about it. She said she wants to see my books whenever she looks at that particular shelf in her room. So when I got a copy of The Unlikely Business, I was a bit hesitant. I know, she doesn't really read my books because I told her not to, but she asks question. And when she did, I told her honestly that it's actually a more mature story than the first few published books of mine. I explained it to her, and she never said anything negative about it.

I felt better after it. My own mother not judging me and the story that I have written. She takes it to the school and let her co teachers borrow some of my books.

Anyway, when I thought of the idea of writing a more mature story, I thought of it as a mere 'thing' that I should try. I've read a few stories from wattpad and I never liked most of them when it comes to a more mature ones. So I tried making my own. A story I want to read, so I wrote one. It was never in my thoughts that it would get published. Like, I never even thought of letting them know who I was.

Mature stories are accepted in wattpad. But in real world? That's something I am really not sure about.

People aren't as open minded as me, as we are in the industry. When people hear the word EROTIC, they would cringe and associate it with the words such as "bastos" and "bawal" without even realizing what is it about. They don't acknowledge the fact that it's just a word. A word is something we say to describe something. There's nothing cringe-worthy about it. I know, Philippines is a conservative country and this is why I don't know what to feel about that fact.

I am really not up for an argument about this topic. I just let the people buy my book or our books if they like and don't buy if they don't like it. That simple.

But a few weeks ago, I became a part of this certain group wherein I saw a post regarding some mature stories of a certain writer I know and I know some of the stories too, actually. It was published and was displayed in National Book Store. What I got bothered with was the way it was posted. They just want to confirm something like it wasn't supposed to be in there or something because of the mature genre and a little bit of sexy cover, but later on, it was settled.

But not for me. There's this tingling feeling inside me and I felt like I was violated in a sense. The post was simple, they wanted to confirm something, but the way the post was written felt like they're judging the book as if they can't believe what they just confirmed, like the book or stories should not even be there. I felt hurt. It wasn't my book, it wasn't my story and I am not even close with the writer but our genre's the same. It felt like they are also judging me  and my whole existence because I also write the same.


We chooses our words carefully and makes sure it is appropriate for the scene we are describing or writing.

We don't just use obscene words such as cock, dick, pussy or vagina. This is one of the most common misconceptions that people thinks about our stories. Yes, we do use the word cock at times, but we make sure it's used because it is needed. We describe sexual organs more subtly. We don't just go around and use the words all over again.

We make sure that the love scenes in our stories are what's really supposed to be there, not because we just want the characters to have sex and have some more sex.

It's a story. A novel. It just happens that we are more vivid in the character's intimacy. We describe what's happening behind closed doors, we're romanticizing it and we are not sorry we do.

Not all of the things we write came from our experience or because we already experienced it.

Surprise, surprise! This 'issue' became a bit annoying for the sole reason that people would usually assume that we can write it because we already experienced it, or we 'can' write it because of it. Sorry to burst everyone's bubble but all of us, writers, don't need to experience or actually see a certain thing for us to be able to write it. Aside from researching, there's a lot of things around us that are actually just common knowledge/general knowledge that some of us just don't feel like talking about it or admitting it. So yeah, just because we wrote a bed scene doesn't mean we already experienced doing so that we can describe it vividly. It's the talent, man. The skills.

We do watch porn (some may not) but not every damn time of the day like everyone seemed to think.

Well, there are a few erotic romance writer that I know that only watches soft porn to be more inspired. And I don't think it's wrong, like what other people make it out to be. I hate the fact that when a person learns I write erotic romance, they would joke about me, watching porn all the time to be able to write the sexy scenes. Joke or not, it became tiring. And when we admit that fact, they would judge the hell out of us. And it's not okay. I watch porn, yes, but maybe once a week or if it's really needed. Most of the times, I watch them to give me a feel of what I would want to write, not to copy the exact positions or what. I watch romantic movies more to be inspired. So yeah, we do watch porn, but not every freaking time. And it's our choice.

Erotica and erotic romance aren't exactly the same.

Erotica focuses on the deed itself (so is PORN but then again, PORN doesn't have substance) but with the character's growth. The character has a purpose, has a story. Erotic romance, as what the genre is called, is romanticizing the characters as the story progress and as the 'deed' happens. I wasn't an expert in this thing but this is how I understand it. Happy ending is kind of require in our genre. If we want to surprise our readers, we have to do it in between the story itself and how it would end.

So yes, we don't force people to read our works. We already have readers who are more than willing to read and buy our works or books. What we need is not to be judged by the people who don't even understand our genre and what we do. We do our things because we want to, and many people want us too.

A few days ago, after our reunion, some of my cousins stayed for the night as well as some of my titas and titos to have some more drink. The discussion then focused on my 'writing' things. They said they wanted to read my work. I reluctantly admitted that I also write erotic romance stories and I don't really just tell anyone about it because not everyone can be as open minded. The good part of this scenario is that they are good about it. The bad part is that, the discussion focused on me and they are asking me 'ridiculous things' about me, writing and what I write. They feel like I should know this certain thing because it 'should' be a part of what I do. And it's not, so when I tell them 'No, I don't really know it or anything about it and I don't think it matters" they called me rebellious and that's fine.

After that incident, I realized that I should really be more careful in letting other people know what I do not just because they might be 'judgy' and not as accepting as others but because of their expectations and disappointments towards me and what I do and I hate being associated with their standards or what should and what should not be.

It's a tiring phase of my so called 'career' and even though many people are really not 'yet' accepting of what I do, of the genre itself or the word "erotic" I would still be in this path because I know I am good at it and I love doing it. People can't tell me otherwise.

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