Locally Blended Juice Drink.

It was one of those nights that I felt like I need to have a walk.. in the middle of the night. Luckily, I live in a place where there's a number of stores that are open 24 hours. One of them, of course, is Seven Eleven near EDSA. This store has been my savior for a few occasions already. Sari sari stores nearby our house are still open (some are until 2am but there's two who are open until morning) but I crave mostly on things that cannot be found in them. 

I am always on the look out for new drinks in Seven Eleven and I smiled when I saw these babies. There's four line of them and I was really happy when I saw that they have TAMARIND flavor that I am obsessed with. Even before, I would buy plastics of sampaloc snacks because I really love munching them. So imagine my surprise when I saw the TAMARIND flavor. I got 2 bottles to try. When I got home, I realized I got the DALANDAN instead of the TAMARIND so I was a bit disappointed but then, I can always go back if I really want to.

I got the Dalandan It Again and Mangosteenie Mini Mo. I'll soon try the Tamarind My Bell and Kamias You Are.

I love the sour-sweet taste of the juices and you can really tell that it's a puree, which is very smooth to the tongue. I am already obsessed with these. Aside from teir health benefits, you ca really enjoy them because of their texture and taste! I really recommend this drinks!

They come with a glass bottle. I bought each for 38php in Seven Eleven. I have seen quite a few Seven Eleven that I have been to that has them and I would be really happy if all of their branches would have these. It's locally made as what their juice drink is called, so it's helping back the local people behind this drink.

Me and my sister tried it with these home cooked french fries and love it!

Check their accounts:

Have you tried them yet? Let me know below! :)

Disclaimer! This isn't sponsored and I bought these drinks with my own money.

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