No-Bake Mac and Cheese.

Happy New Year everyone! I am going to start 2016 with a food related post I am currently eating with my sister. My mom and brother's done and this is our second round. Lol.

Anyway, my mom bought a lot of unnecessary things when she bought supplies and it consisted of this elbow pasta that's free if you buy 3 pieces of Angel's Kremdensada. She suddenly told me to try making mac and cheese and since all of us isn't in the mood for eating rice for dinner, I automatically searched for recipes. I watched and read a lot, until I came up with my own. And I wanted it to be simple and as much as possible, a no-bake one, though you can still bake this after.


This recipe is for a 200g elbow pasta.

1/4 of a regular sized butter
1 200ml full cream milk
1/2 regular size onions, minced.
Your choice of cheese. I used Eden cheese and an imported easy melt cheese.
2 table spoon of flour.
Your choice of ham, hotdog, ground pork or bacon.


Given that the pasta has been boiled, this is for the cheese sauce.

1. Melt the butter in a pan.
2. Put in the minced onions until it's golden brown.
3. While constantly mixing onions and the butter, put in the flour. The mixture will be a little thick and the flour will cling into the onions.
4. After a few seconds of constantly mixing, pour in the full cream milk little by little while still constantly mixing.
5. If it started to simmer, put in your choice of ham, hotdog, ground pork or bacon and wait until it becomes thick.
6. Put in your choice of cheese then mix until it's thick and lower the heat.
7. Mix the pasta and make sure the sauce is evenly spread.
8. Enjoy eating!

You can put in some more cheese at the top and bake it if you want but it is the beauty of this recipe that you can just eat it without baking it since the cheese and other ingredients are already mixed.

Let me know if you tried this one! :) Happy New Year Y'all! :)

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