5 Things I Love About Pinto Art Museum!

The urge to visit museums and places with artistic vibe started late last year and I want to feed that urge this year. I started the year with a bang by actually being more active at going out and wandering to different places I fancy. And Pinto Art Museum is one of the 'few bang' I was talking about.

I know most of you, if not all, probably already read or saw a blog that has an article about Pinto, and this piece in my blog won't probably make a difference but I still want to share y'all the reasons why I fell in love with this place and why I would love to come back.

Two weeks ago, I posted an invitation to anyone who wanted to join me in going to Pinto Art Museum and one serious taker replied. Alie, my co organizer in Free Book Day Ph said she's willing and I told her the budget breakdown and we went! And I swear, it was one of the best day that I have this year.

1. Seats everywhere!  

This is like one of the really amazing thing about this place. You can just sit down at the seats on almost all of the galleries and relax while being surrounded by paintings and work of arts. That's what we did, actually. Alie and I sat on almost all of the seats in every gallery we went to after checking out the paintings and artworks and talk about anything while relaxing like it was the most natural thing to do. If you're like me who is actually lazy af but really want to explore this place, taking a seat and relaxing after checking out the artworks in that particular gallery is one of the best thing to do. Our fave are the ones near the pool!

2. Big windows and open spaces.

I'm the opposite of claustrophobic. I love closed and small spaces. I would usually feel overwhelmed with big and wide spaces but Pinto's overall design is delightful. It did not overwhelmed me nor suffocated me even though some of the galleries are high ceilings and wide spaces with just hanged paintings. Their house-like design is so cute. We even joked about living there and we have to call each other to know what's room we're in. The white walls are also good to the eyes. I love wandering at the lower galleries.

3. Interactive artworks and pieces

The artworks has an unending variety but my faves are the ones wherein I can be one with it. The negative-positive painting is amazing. I read this trick from a blog I read when I was still researching about the place so Alie and I tried it and it's amazing! The wheel says I'm MABAIT. Lol.

4. My so-called Sensual Room

The reason why I called it the Sensual Room is very obvious. The paintings are provocative and bold. I wasn't really expecting to find pieces as such but It was nice seeing a small room full of it. It's very refreshing. It made the place more diverse.

5. Doors, pathways and stairs.

I don't know why but I find their doors, path walks and stairs very picturesque. They give me warm feeling and I know it's weird but I love it. I don't know how many stairs, path walks and doors I took a photo of but I don't care. They're amazing.

The sad part of our trip to the place though is aside from the fact that there are a lot of people, we find most of them the picture-and-go type. They did not even looked at the pieces for more than a second, they just ask their friend or someone they are with to take a picture of them then they move on to the next picture-worthy art pieces. I think that's the downside of a well known place. 

We arrived there around past 12pm and stayed until 3pm. It was a nice experience. The place was huge so get your energy ready to explore the place. You will be given a map upon paying the entrance fee. Believe me, you will need it! The food in their in house resto is a bit pricey so if you want to eat there, add a bit more to your budget.

Break down of expenses

FX from Cubao to Antipolo Simbahan - 50php
Tricycle from Antipolo Simbahan to Pinto Art Museum - 50php (Per ride)
Pinto Art Museum entrance fee - 180php
Tricycle to Antipolo Simbahan - 50php
FX to Cubao - 50php
Early dinner in KFC Farmers - 99php

480php in total.


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