As much as I hate to admit that this post was born out of me, browsing my facebook news feed, I would still say it because it was just one of those times that I want to condition myself in finding anything to make me be inspired to write again. I haven't had any update nearing two weeks already so yes, browsing my news feed can be one of my last resort. Instead, I found something I want to talk about here.

This generation is very lucky in terms of anything techie and extensive resources. Although it's a good thing, I am actually scared of how fast they are releasing new models of smart phones, tablets, laptops and such. It makes me think, what would be next? It wasn't about the most well know theory about robots exchanging humans that I am scared about but thinking what would be next? I'm kind of sentimental and I don't adapt to technology easily. Meaning, if our private computer did not got broken, I would still be using it with the Windows XP operating system and I'll just be fine with it because seriously, I can still use it and that's what matters the most.

We also have a lot of old cellphones here, the models before smart phones came and I am using a Nokia cellphone at the moment ever since my smart phone just decided to have a problem. And I am fine with it, it's just that having a smart phone, is in fact very convenient specially in what I do.

Anyway, this post is actually about the #Goals I always see everywhere. Never mind the #RelationshipGoals or the #BestFriendGoals because although I also find it a bit "Too Idealistic" for my taste, still, it's about people on what they want with other people. The thing I always cringe about are the #Goals that is all about the newly release gadgets, newly released shoes designed by a certain celebrity, newly released this and that and they want everything! Like, they put the #Goals into anything newly released, anything that someone wants to have. I know, it's not wrong to want the things that you can not have or you can with your hard work, but it frustrates me knowing that they focus on these things rather than the experiences or experiencing life itself.

Yes, some of them are essentials to our way of living now, and some doesn't but we could use a little splurge sometimes but I feel like I am the one getting suffocated with everyone's needs and #Goals. This might be sign of 'getting old' because I feel like I am, but I feel like as much as this generation is so far the most lucky ones because of the advantages that the technology and our way of living, I also think that this generation has been the most #Materialistic one.

Just like I said, I am not against someone wanting to have this certain thing, but I really want them to ask their self if that something is worthy when it terms of it being useful, practical or its importance. I think everyone should be aware too on things they purchase. A little out of the blue shopping or impulsive buys can sometimes make you feel good but then, again, are they useful, practical or how is it important that you have it? I also see people wanting a certain thing because it's what's in. It's the trend. Well, there's supply becase there's market. And that's how it rolls.

I apologize if I am just rambling here or maybe I am just different. Ever since I was young, I am not into what's new. I never asked my parents to buy me the 'two floors' pencil case because my classmates has it because I still have my old one and I like it, that's why it is what I ask them to buy me prior to the trend. I never asked my parents to buy me a stroller bag, but they did because they think I need it before we went to Bicol to study there. I asked them for a pad of stationary set though, because I like collecting it.

Anyway, I should just limit my browsing time on my news feed because it irks me specially if it is someone I know who would share some picture with a #Goals caption in it.

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