Moist Skin Care: Peach Smoothing Mask Sheet

I would usually walk all around Cubao when I go out to buy something or if I have to run an errand. One time, me and my sister stumbled upon this newly opened Korean Store in Farmers named 2358. They sell cheap beauty stuff and other things 'from' Korea and I was tempted to go back. So I did. A few times, actually. But it wasn't until before last year's Christmas that I really got to buy some skin care products.

Among the few of them was this face mask. They have a variety actually, different fruits for different target purpose into the skin. I chose PEACH because I love PEACH. I did not even look on what it would do. I got tempted because it's cheap. These are only P33.00 each. There are others who are more expensive but these looks more appealing.

It's my first time to use a face mask. I don't know what it would do. 

It wasn't until the night before my trip to Tagaytay with Rovhie that I thought of using it or trying it since I wasn't really that sleepy yet and I want to look good the next morning. Lol.

It wasn't as messy as I thought it would be. I thought that the moist would be a 'cream' like one but it was transparent like a juice. The smell was nice, wasn't hard to the nose and smells very calming. I started massaging the mask to my face for  few seconds then let it stay for at least twenty minutes. It felt cool to my face. It wasn't itchy or uncomfortable for me.

It's a good thing that the mask is big. My whole face was covered. I massaged the leftover juice after I remove the mask then washed it with water.


I was really satisfied. My face felt soft, smooth and hydrated not just after I used it but the whole day that morning. The small amount of make up I put on didn't 'cracked' that much that I just needed to put on some powder every time I retouch.

There are other variants that you can choose from. You can visit the store at Farmer's Plaza, Cubao. 3rd floor near Watson's. 

This post isn't sponsored. I bought the products using my own money.

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