Molo Nachos Party.

Before I go on, I want to say that this isn't an original recipe, but my own version as to what I saw in a blog of a fellow Catandunganon in his blog post. My sister sent me this link and it made me feel more determined to explore more of our province the next time I go home! Seriously!

Anyway, I saw that one of the restaurants he was talking about serves nachos made of molo wrap, and since I just recently cooked molo soup and was thinking of purchasing another pack of molo wrappers for supply, I decided to make my own version of the yummy looking nachos.


Molo Wrappers (1/3 pack)
Pork Giniling (1/8kg)
Del Monte Tomato ketchup
Onion (half of regular size)
Magnolia Cheezee Squeeze (one regular size pack can be used thrice)


1. Cut the molo wrappers in half into triangles and diced the onion
2. Heat the first pan and fry the molo wrappers until cripsy.
3. In another pan, saute onion and pork giniling until cooked.
4. Add the at least three table spoon of tomato ketchup and three table spoon of water.
5. Let it simmer until it became thick.
6. Arrange the now cripsy molo wrappers, spread them nicely.
7. Pour the sauce evenly then top with Magnolia cheezee squeeze.


Make sure that the cheese would be evenly spread because it'll taste a bit salty if not.
The molo cooks fast so make sure you don't burn it.
Eat it right away before the nachos would lose its crisp.

I'm sorry if it looked messy, I am really not good at this but the important thing is the taste! My grandmother loved it, she ate a few pieces and I am one proud gran daughter! This is actually the second time I cooked this as per my sister's request.

Let me know if you tried this one. :)

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