English training at Meliora.

I had the chance to take a tour at the cutesy and cozy little office of Meliora at the newly built establishment in Cristobal Place Building, Cristobal Street in Cubao last week and I really had fun going around to take pictures and let you all see it!

About Meliora

“Better”, the etymology of Meliora, is the attribute of every aspect of the company’s mission and vision towards the endowment of competent English communication skills to our learners with the philosophy that human condition, therefore the world, could improve with concerted human effort.

What I really like about them is the fact that even though they are new to the business and the industry is that they are thriving in doing every thing they can and they should to be able to 'help' their clients as well as their trainees. And I think that is one of the basic core and important thing in a business; not just the knowledge but also the compassion to do what you have to do not just because you have to, but because you really want to.


Their office is located at the 6th floor, Suite 3 of this posh building in Cristobal Street, hence called Cristobal Place Building. 


They got the lower floor of the suite to be turned into a mini class room wherein the trainees/students will take their classes then the upper floor or the Executive Lounge will be for one on one or private lessons.

I particularly liked the clean and cozy vibe of the overall look of the office as well as their decors. And did you see that brick wall? It adds to the cozy feeling that I am sure would make other students feel more relaxed and comfortable.


Now let's get into the most important part. What are they exactly offering?

Home and Online individual training:

  • Venue is either on the student's home or other places such as coffee shops
  • Online classes through skype
  • Offline class tutorial
  • Group classes can also be arranged with 3-5 students
Academic Tutorial:
  • Home or office tutorial
Corporate Accounts:
  • Contracted companies provides English enhancement for their employees

Special Study Program:
  • Students from abroad (Foreign students) to stay in the Philippines to study for a number of months.
  • Includes Hotel Accommodation and City Tours
BPO/Call Center English Training Program:
  • Low cost group class for Filipinos who wants to improve their English Communication skills.
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