Random Finds: Lotte Drinks In Can.

I decided to make a series post wherein I would blog about new products, food or drinks that I have stumbled upon since I seemed to be frequently discover random products, food or drinks whenever I go out. So first in this series are these canned drinks by LOTTE.

I am familiar with LOTTE because of the South Korean dramas as well as random videos I watch about KPOP Idols and other variety shows. 

I stumbled upon these when I was out shopping for a few things I still need for my trip to Catanduanes (will blog about my plans and stuff later) with my sister. I was already at the counter when I saw a small fridge with these babies then I saw that they're cheap so I bought some. These are from Daiso, btw.

I just bought them without looking what type of drinks they are last night then I tasted them this morning and decided to blog about it.


- Carbonated Milk and Yoghurt drink

I opened it, and drank. I stopped halfway because I felt something. I looked at the can and saw that it's indeed carbonated. I only saw the MILK and YOGHURT part that's why I decided to try this first. The taste was so-so. Me and my sister thought of Ginger Ale since it is carbonated too. I can taste the faint taste of milk, there's a bit of sourness from the yoghurt. The drink looks like the color of the water after you wahs your clothes with soap. Haha. The strawberry has only faint taste of strawberry.

The drink is so mild I feel like I was actually drinking Gnger Ale.


- Caffein in can

Okay, I just made up the description. I don't know if they have a variant that doesn't have coffee but there's none when I bought these. Anyway, just like Milkis, I got disappointed with these two. Lol. Or maybe I was just really hopeful since it's a new product. The taste was there but it's bland. The color of the drink is also very light. I don't know if it is supposed to be that way but I would love for more flavor.

Anyway, I told you all that they are cheap because they really are. I bought all of these for 88php only. The sign that was put up there was GET 4 FOR 88. So yeah, I guess the price speaks for itself or there are really people who prefer light drinks as this.

Milkis kinda tasted weird at first but I learned to enjoy the carbonated part. The Let's Be, on the other hand could have been better if the taste wasn't as light as it was.

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