Quatro Pasos Inn, Dasmarinas Cavite.

I feel so freaking bad about my self. I haven't had a single blog post since the one I posted before I left for Bicol. I have a few drafts but I haven't had the chance to continue so this would hopefully make up for them in the mean time.

Last Saturday, I went to SM Dasma in Cavite for Sic's meet up with a friend. After the meet up we went directly to Palmas Del Sol Resort, Hotel and Restaurant. We were not aware that there's an on going production event but everyone is welcome so we still pushed through. It's a pool party sponsored by GSM Blue. One payment entitles you to an entrance and unli drinks.

Around 3am when we decided that we should just go. We talked about checking in into Palmas Del Sol's room but aside from the reason that it is PEAK SEASON, the rooms are only for 2. Good thing someone in the group is from there. We walked to the nearby place where Quatro Pasos is located.

We checked in around 4am. We got the Barkada Room for only 1,800php for 12 hours.

And then our side

The air conditioner blasted. I was used to the cold but I swear, this is the first time that I had to get up and lower down the coldness of the air conditioner. I slept for only 3 hours. I woke up around past 7am then they all woke up too.

I did not have the chance to take a picture of all the amenities in the room but they have:

4 Toothbrushes
2 Sachet of shampoos and Tootpaste
3 Soaps
They also have a small fridge but you still have to plug it.
There's hot shower.

I actually feel impressed. For less than 2k for four people, they have the basic amenities. The room's clean too. The beds are comfy. There's no weird smell or something.

Our favorite part? The pole at the middle of the two beds.

Our lunch! We orderd CHICKEN FINGERS for 95php per plate. French fries for 65php and a liter of coke worth 70php. We already have rice from last night and we don't really feel like eating heavy since we're already about to check out after a few hours.

That;s our room at the end of this corridor. Haha.

Check their facebook page: Quatro Pasos Inn

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