Thoughts on Professionalism.

I grew up dreaming of becoming a businesswoman someday. While I started my 'writer' dreams on my elementary days, my businesswoman game dream started far longer than that if I could remember. I grew up reading books wherein the characters have different professions as well as television shows or movies with characters displaying their careers.

I don't know if it's just me that has a very idealistic mind or I just expected too much from the 'so-called' professionals regarding their ways or how things should be done.

I have been disappointed far more than I can imagine with being associated at the people I was expecting to be 'professional' and I hate the fact that it feels like it doesn't bother them that they do it at other people's expense. The basic code of professionalism  

  1. They don't show up on time - Of course, different consequences can be met so anyone can be late but for people  who should not be because first, they were the one who set up the time and second, because they are the ones who should be more of a a role model. Once or twice can be alright, but if it is most of the time, I don't know anymore. They think they have the upper hand in the situation because they are the professional but actually the opposite.
  2. They just say 'Yes' when they're in front of you but when the thing they said 'Yes' to has been there and you ask them why it was different from the thing you already talked about or had an agreement to, they would just tell you to shrug it off - It pisses me of big time that whenever I or the other people would have the courtesy to meet and talk to them personally about a certain matter and just when you think that it has been settled, you wake up one day and the compromise wasn't there, they won't even apologize, they would tell you that 'It's alright' even though it should not be because damn it, it has been talked about.
  3. They have this habit of making other people think they are doing their job when in reality, most of them just plays around - I have seen and have been on both sides. I have been an expectant, and I have been with their 'work' area and believe me, most of those so called professionals who lets you thinks they are hard working in the social media or anywhere are just for the show. And I hate thinking not many are seeing that.
  4. They get mad if they get told to do their job - Like, hello! You are being paid to do it, use your time to work, not slack off.
  5. They do what they want because it is 'supposedly' their job even though they aren't doing it well - And I hate being on the 'aggravated' side in this type of relationship. I hate feeling like I cannot do anything about it because I am not as important as them in whatever place I am even though I knew they should did better, or it wasn't what they were supposed to do.
I feel like I am already in trauma with dealing with so-called professionals that I have had encounter with. I hate thinking beforehand that 'Yeah, I'll be meeting this someone and talk but I am sure this talk won't be in significance anyway because they do what they want and this is just for the show' type of thoughts and it is ruining me and what I think of the people surrounding me.

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