Kapayapaan Ay Nasaan?

I don't have an internet at the moment (hopefully tomorrow it will be reconnected) and my laptop's acting up so I don't really have the means to be connected in the world wide web. Free facebook cannot cut it. I just heard the bombing incident in Davao a while ago when my mother opened the TV to watch the news. I was so devastated. But I was in rage because of some people saying that it is Davao's Karma. Like what the hell? What are they, three-years old? It pains me knowing there are people who instead of feeling bad about what happened, they are still proud of it because they hated that the new President came from that city. So shallow and immature. Why can't they focus on the real issue here?

I am seriously in tears right now. I can only take so much negativity and madness these people are saying and doing. It breaks my heart reading nonsense articles and posts from people who think they know it all. It makes me question our own existence. Is this what we've been living for? 

The song above is one of my favorite OPM songs of all time. It gave me chills listening to it again after quite awhile. It's very poetic and it relates to what's happening out there. It tells the truth on what's happening and it broke my heart into a million pieces again and again.

Why can't they just pray for peace instead of arguing to prove that they are right?
Why can't they just help instead of pointing fingers who to blame?
Why can't they just use their energy to do the right thing than to start a fight?

I feel so damn hurt. I hate it.

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