My Newest Renders.

I don't know if some of you read my blog post about Roomstyler but that website has been my go-to whenever I feel stressed or if I am bored and wants to pass my time entertained and be a little bit more productive. Recently, I have been active in letting my creative juices flow in terms of designing that when I posted my works in facebook, a few people got really interested and I have even a friend who offered me a job in her firm.

Sadly, as much as I want to, I feel inferior in taking a job out of something I don't even know how it works and is just a hobby for me, as well as the fact that I have a few more compromising events and places to go to until the end of year so a 9-5 job won't cut it at the moment.

Anyway, here's my latest designs and I take pride in everyone of them.

Wood and Waters

I made this design with a vacation house in mind. I am not the type of person who likes spacious place but I designed this one not for me and I think most people would want a spacious vacation house. Not necessarily my dream vacation house but I love overlooking places. I played with the woods in this one and it turned out pretty fine for me.


My inspiration in this particular design is a design I saw in my dashboard with wide windows but the overall design was just white. I feel like playing with it by putting colors subtly so yeah.

Rooftop Resto

I had this fantasy of a high class looking rooftop restaurant that not just the rich can enjoy the view. So even though I think the stone walls and the rooftop makes it a little classy, I made sure that the tables and chairs and other designs are not over the top.

Into The Woods

Now this one's a dream glass house for me. One time I went home alone to our province, I saw an unfinished glass house in the middle of a wide space with coconut trees and this is what I imagined it would be. I chose light colored furniture because I think it will go with the dark green leaves of the coconut trees outside.

Slates of White and Gray

This is my latest work. I feel like making a difference since most of my designs (not just these but the old ones) always have different colors of furniture and stuff and although there are still colors popping, I believe the white walls, sofas and other furniture speaks for itself.

High Rise

There's really nothing to say about this design. I just made it out of boredom. and if you can see most of my designs, the background are either plants, tress, waters or buildings. Haha!

I really really like to promote Roomstyler because it's really fun to play with designs. It's like 'Bahay-bahayan' for adults! Lol.

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