A Night in Madison 101 Hotel.

I was unknowingly browsing the world wide web when I stumbled upon Madison 101 Hotel's facebook page. I saw a post about a contest. A bestie selfie contest to be exact. No other rule, the contest was plain and simple: snap a photo with your bestie, tag Madison Hotel and use certain hashtags for them to track your image. I joined in facebook and in instagram and luckily (for the first time in forever!) I won!

I immediately told Sic about it and we talked what date we should go. After a few push and pull, we finally settled a date. I was talking to their Sales and Marketing Manager, Miss Kams, and she's very accommodating. She booked us our desired date and waited.

Unfortunately, Sic had a sudden engagement. I decided to just wait for him before I checked in but it was getting so damn late and I am excited to check the Hotel out. I honestly didn't know there's a hotel like this along Aurora Blvd. 

I checked in at around 8pm. The woman at the front desk asked if she can take a picture since I was the winner of the contest but told her that I should wait for my best friend. I went up to the 9th floor and this was our room.

The kissing swan felt a little awkward though. Haha! I always think that thing should be for lovers of some sort. Anyway, I found this welcome paper with a few snacks at my bed! Kiligs!

The room was clean and comfortable. I was given two sets of wifi password (which by the way is really fast) but I lost the other one so Sic was just using his data when he arrived two hours after I checked in. I wasn't bored while waiting. Race Darwin called and we had a long chat before Sic arrived.

I am seriously obsessed with the shower room! Lakas maka yayamanin! Too bad we didn't have the chance to use it because we think that our check out time (11am) is a little early because we'll be going to KPOP Fandom Fest that afternoon at around 2pm. But the next time, I swear I'll use it surely! Plus, they have a free comb! I love it!

What I like about Madison 101 Hotel:

1. Their staff looked very accommodating.
2. The rooms are clean and very very comfortable.
3. The shower room. Told ya!
4. The location is far from the busy and bustling city streets so it's quiet.
5. They have free combs. Lol.

What I think they can improve on:

1. Free sleepers please!

Unfortunately, their canteen isn't open 24 hours (this is understandable) and closes at 9pm. There's no restaurant open by the time Sic and I went out at around 11pm but there's a Burger Machine nearby and we decided to just eat burgers for a late dinner. I read a few reviews about Madison 101 Hotel and just like what most of them says, this hotel is a gem waiting to be more polished in the future.

The morning view!

My bed. I only slept for one hour. Haha. I was so comfortable that I didn't realize that the sun's already peaking. But I did enjoyed my stay literally.

We lingered for a bit. I was enjoying the fast wifi before we started getting ready for check out.

Their lobby is cool and iconic for me. Very relaxing and cozy. We stayed a bit while waiting for our Grab car.

All in all, the experience was awesome and I am waiting for the next time I can go back!

You can check their facebook page and instagram:

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