Two Movies about Justice You Should Watch.

It makes me frustrated knowing that the trending case against Leila De Lima and other who are involved would be turned to nothing when the time comes just like how sensational cases such as Janet Lim Napoles' case. This is the Philippines. What do I expect?

I don't want to turn this post into a political one, anyway. So if you're frustrated like me in the way how bad our JUSTICE SYSTEM turns, I suggest you watch this two movies about serving justice in an uncanny and 'illegal' way and although you know it wasn't right, hopefully you'll somehow feel fulfilled.


This movie have a very peculiar way of 'seeking justice' and it kept me on my edge. Controversial in a way, it will make you think what if this one's true? Or what happened in the movie might be true? I don't want to spoil what happens but this one's open ending.


The thing about this movie, like the other one, is that they want justice but something went wrong along the way. While the other movie is controversial in a way that you'd hope what happened didn't happened, this one, you'll somehow be amazed on what happened. It's just.. pure genius! I know some of you might already encounter a movie with the same type of character but this one's just brilliant.

Have you watched this two or any of this two? Let me know what you think!

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