Let 2017 Be A Year Of Success.

2016 came by fast. I thought that it is going to be my year but instead, 2016 taught me many lessons from my failures and mistakes. Yes, I had a lot of it last year. 2017 came with a promise, though. I achieved some goals I thought I'd finish or have from 2016 to the beginning of new year, so I am hoping for a successful one this year.

My goals for this year are all about my career and productivity. I successfully launched Strange Avenue Production last year and I already organized two events since then. And I vowed to organize more creative events this year. On the other hand, my writing path became clearer. I found a process wherein I get to finish my novels in a week or two, and it's a damn good progress. It's another thing to celebrate about.

Here are the 17 goals I would like to achieve this year.

  1. Grow my subscription list and be successful in my email marketing venture.
  2. Organize a spoken poetry night event.
  3. Finish at least 5 erotic romance novels this year (new story or finish the unfinished ones)
  4. Push through the Writing Workshop for #FreeBookDayPH.
  5. Be debt free.
  6. Organize the Wattpad Philippines Community Bazaar year two!
  7. Attend events actively, say 'no'only when necessary.
  8. More hotels, motels and resorts to visit and to review.
  9. To hopefully launch my planned youtube channel. (I still don't know what niche` should I pursue yet)
  10. Backpack to Isabela, Philippines.
  11. Launch my planned e-courses (about writing and creative event organizing)
  12. Vacation with my sister, brother and mother in Puerto Galera (for the second time!) and hopefully I can pay for the whole vacation now.
  13. Publish at least 2 books (traditional and self publish)
  14. Stay as a Wattpad Philippines Ambassador and do better this year.
  15. To snuggle or have some brand partners (Tee-hee)
  16. To better take care of my skin (and health) more.
  17. To share my skills and knowledge to a wider audience with my events and e-courses soon.
I think my goals are attainable since I already started most of them this early. A little bit more planning and consistent action and boom! Results. Hopefully.

I hope everyone's 2017 started with positive vibes like me. I finished two erotic romance novels up to date since New Year and I am just waiting for the results.. which was very unlikely of me. Like.. I only got to finish 2 novels last year and only passed two novels last year but only one got pubished. Talk about a not-so-good year. But I still think that 2016 is the year when I learned a lot from my failures and mistakes. I still look at it in a positive way.

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