Hapag: The Neighborhood Eatery.

Just the outskirts of our Barangay, a small but cutesy eatery is operating.

Hapag is the native tagalog word of 'Table' and I really think it's an interesting name. Just the name meant you'll eat something nice and homey.

I noticed that while it looked small at first glance, the moment you come in is different. The place was spacious enough to accommodate at least 17 people full packed. The place is clean, no weird smell and the food will be served hot. The place is also cozy, much like to some fancy coffee shops I have been to.

Two of their many best sellers are Tapsilog and Porksilog that is priced for only P55 each. Each meal is inclusive of soup. Their iced tea is priced at P10 in a small mason jar. They also have burgers and other foods to choose from. The menu is laid big at the top of the mirror so anyone can see.

They make their own tapa and they are really good. It's not hard and just right to my taste. The porkchop on the other hand, aside from the big portion, I liked the breading. I have tasted other prokchop on a more upscale restaurants that tastes bland but here in Hapag, your 55php is worth it.

There's freedom board at both ends of the big mirror. Quirky messages from the frequent customers and people from the neighborhood can be read.

Jhong, the owner of Hapag showed me this Hugot Hapag book. It is where customers write their Hugot and incorporated with eating or about the food at Hapag. You can ask them for the book if you want to write your own.

On weekdays, Hapag opens ay 4pm and closes at 12am and weekdays, they closes at 1am.

As per Jhong, the sassy owner of Hapag, there will still be more upcoming snacks that they will release soon like spaghetti and more foods to choose from. If you happen to be somewhere in Cubao near MRT station or in Arayat, you can visit Hapag:

I made a video trailer for a quick view of Hapag:

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