Hello Cebu: Part 2!

This is the other part of my visit in Cebu wherein the fun continued. We stayed a few more days to explore more of Cebu and what it can offer. Thanks to Maki and his husband, we were able to go around and enjoyed our stay. Here's the other part of the vlog.

The next morning after our last night at the hotel, we went to Bluewater Maribago Resort. It's a members-only resort and Maki and her husband were members. We at our lunch there before we enjoyed the water. Then we had lunch at New Orleans before we went straight home. I had a quick fever that night, probably from the lack of sleep or whatever but the next morning, luckily, I became fine.

We went to Kawasan Falls that day. We traveled 4 hours (Maki's husband drove for 8 hours back and forth!) before we arrived at the amazing place. A lot of people was there, it's expected, but we enjoyed it nevertheless. We rented a balsa to get us to the falls itself. Going home, we at at Gibbs' Hot Wings and I swear, everyone should try it there.

Our last day at Cebu was spent by us, tasting the famous Rico's Lechon before we went to the market place where you can buy souvenirs, pasalubong and stuff such as the dried mango and chocolate dipped mango. We ate our late lunch at the Cebu Yacht Club then we met with the two WP Cebu Admins to give me the clothes I left at the hotel (yes, I forgot the clothes at the cabinet ugh) then we parted ways at the airport.

It was a nice experience and I would certainly like to go back. 

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