10 quotes from Prose Probing by Alan Harris.

I stumbled upon this free ebook by Alan Harris. It's a collection of his essays and here are 10 quotes I picked up and liked throughout reading it.

It seems that love is most vibrant in us when we forget ourselves.
- Where is Love

If we could only feel the spiritual safety beneath our emotions, then we might also feel safe when they swirl within us.
- Trusting Emotions

Typically, we wish to end the pain by somehow drifting off into a pleasant, nebulous never-never-land where cares and sorrows are behind us forever.
- Suicice and the Agony of Separateness

We learn that the world can indeed get along without us--that we are expendable.
- Suicice and the Agony of Separateness

We may play with our technology, work with it, live with it, and seem to grow with it, but the real growth in our lives happens when we put aside our clever braininess and walk outside into the profundities of a late winter afternoon.
- Rediscovering Depth

Can one drop everything to gain nothing, so to speak?
- Coming Home from the Parade

But, as much as I don't know, I do feel secure that in dying, my body will do just what it is supposed to do.
- Cottonwood Seeds

It is not necessary to prove something that proves itself by its manifesting in every moment.
- Intelligence "Out There"

Love may have no wheels or cogs, but it simply is.
- Intelligence "Out There"

Intelligence does not need a high score on the SAT exam to exist. It is.
- Intelligence "Out There"

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