Hit or Miss: TV Shows I Discovered This 2017

We said goodbye to 2016 without internet in our home because we decided to cut it out over our expenses. And it was actually a good thing because I finished two novels in a few months because of it. Me and my sister would usually just go to the computer shop nearby and would spend two hours in there everyday or just every other day or if I feel like it. The good thing about that computer shop is that their computers are fast as well as their internet. And they let us use our USB to get files!

Over the course of our few months just using the internet shop, while my sister downloaded a lot of Korean Dramas, I, on the other hand, downloaded a few TV series of my own. I tried watching a lot of them, believe me. And the shows on this list are just kind of the relevant ones because if I put here all of the series I tried watching ever since this year came, it'll be one hell of a long post.

Here they are, not in the particular order on when I watched them or what I watched first.


About: A female werewolf and her pack is facing problems and even though she already left the pack, she came back to help her pack. It all started there until she realized she's really never going to have a normal life.

I liked the poster and the plot, so I tried it. The first few episodes are nice, it kept me on the edge for sometime. The mystery that each of the characters seems to be hiding is interesting to some point. I even regretted that I only downloaded the first five episode first since I said I was just going to see if I'll like it. The werewolf thing is kind of hot; as well as the actors who portrayed them. Even the Alpha, Jeremy. I am more used to vampires dominating my screen but it is refreshing seeing werewolves for a change. Anyway, on the latter seasons, I found it a little too bland for my taste so I stopped watching. This is a nice show but its a MISS for me.


About: A woman fell in love with a small time member of one of the biggest cartel in Mexico. This is her story on how her life will change after her love became a big time runner and was killed and her running for her life.

This one's fairly new, just on its first season. I really have a thing for a female badass lead so I tried this. I was disappointed because I thought the progress of the scenes will be faster but other than that, I like this. I also realized that I have a thing for hot Hispanic men and this is the show that I was watching when I realized I wanted to learn the language of Spanish next to Italian. Anyway, I loved this show. The suspense is thrilling! The only reason why I wasn't watching the finale episode for the season 1 is because I want to watch it when it already has a new episode (season 2) next because I will surely hate the cliffhanger. Its realistic and this gives me actual insight on the drug trade industry. Lol. This is obviously a HIT.


About: A woman who was just released in prison accidentally learned about a woman who was about to be killed by a contract killer hired by her husband. She intervened and then she became entangled to a web of lies, crime and uncertainties.

Like Queen of the South, this show is also new and the first season just also ended on its 10th episode, but unlike QOTS, I watched the last episode because I was so eager to know what will happened to Letty and Javier (another hot Hispanic specie) and the cliffhanger at the end of the finale is actually bearable so I really enjoyed it. I like the fact that the characters are really flawed and seemed unlikely to work at first but then later on, they both realized they are actually good for each other. I actually think there's a few things we all can learn about this show.


About: A life of a Succubus who became a private detective. A lot of magic, sex and fighting awaits.

I was actually thinking of writing a paranormal erotic romance novel that's why I looked for shows with the same theme and I was lucky enough to find Lost Girl. Every element I was looking for is there. This show ended a few years back already after 5 seasons. Although I reached watching until Season 4. I was really happy at the first season because Bo, the Succubus and Dyson, the wolfshifter is my ultimate OTP and I saw their freaking chemistry throughout every episodes. And even though the cliffhanger of the first season included Dyson's love being exchanged for Bo's safety, I was still hopeful that it will just be another glitch at the plot and that everything will be okay but damn, they both became distant and for a while, I hated watching it. But it's really interesting until I decided it's already not. I stopped watching in Season 4 but this is still a HIT for me because I still have plans on watching the remaining episodes soon.


About: A grief-stricken Navy Seal partnered with a cop who just recovered from a heart surgery caused chaos and order at the same time in the city.

This is a feel-good series with right amount of drama and action. I love the plot and honestly, I wish this show started a few years back so it already has a few season by now. I watched the 18 episodes ritually. I am not going to say anymore but I recommend this one. This is a HIT!


About: Magic, magicians, the usual bad and good magic plus gods, goddesses and a magical world.

I downloaded this but didn't watch until I have no choice because I already watched all of the videos I downloaded. I don't know why but I find this show a little odd. I sometimes get lost with the scenes and all. I watched until the finale for the sake of knowing what will happen but this one's a MISS. I don't know if I'll check out the next season, too. But we'll see.


About: The arrangement between a budding actress to be married to a famous actor and a mysterious organization in between.

Let me say that I have a love and hate relationship with Josh Henderson's character in this one. The show is fast phase, a lot has already happened for just a few episodes and they executed it well. I think that everyone's plain stupid in this show. Lol. I don't know, seems like they all got something up in their sleeves and all sneaky. I didn't watched the finale episode and I think this one's in between being HIT or a MISS in my list. Let me update y'all once I decided!


About: A crisis management consultant who actually got a lot of crisis in her own life to dealt with.

I have a lot of thing that I love in this show. I love the good kind of conspiracies, secret organizations, what really going on inside a politician's mind, and they way every situations get dealt with. But there are also things that I absolutely hate, and that is Olivia's selfishness and rotten brat attitude. She makes mistakes yet most of it she doesn't own it. Most of the times she does things harshly even though it will hurt people, but when other people did the same to her because they have no choice, she holds a grudge. Ah! Whatever. This one's a HIT because of Jake Ballard. K.,


About: A genius architect designed a plan to break his brother in the prison he was in before he gets to the electric chair.

I have bee eyeing this show for quite sometime, actually. Everyone's raving about it but I sit on watching it until this year. I also want to watch it because of Wentworth Miller. I saw him first on Mariah Carey song's music video and he just looks so perfect in there. I got until the third season but I stopped there because I started hating the whole agenda. I mean in when I said I love some conspiracies but this is just ridiculously getting on my nerves. They meant the title of the show literally because one way or another they will always be in the prison and will always plan to break out, This is a MISS. Sorry, Prison Break fans.


About: All about looking for the spy at the Berlin.

I love the twist of this show. At first, I was annoyed that I feel like I am getting lost at what's actually happening but when I got a grip of what's going on, it's all fun. Richard Armitage looked particularly hot and neat in this. This conspiracy has the right blend for me. It's a must watch. HIT, no doubt! 

Ps. I love the opening song.


About: About the night manager in a hotel who got involved with terrorism and became a spy to do good.

I just want to cry at how is this show as well as how fucking amazing Tom Hiddleston in this show. I love him before, but after this, I loved him more. He's brilliant. The plot of this story is somewhat typical, maybe the civilian that became a spy side too, but the cinematography and the way the show was executed, damn it, I was really happy  watched this! This is obviously a HIT and a recommended show!


About: A drug dealer wanted to go legit with his night club but a lot of people surrounding him seems to have other plans.

Okay, I know I said this already in THE ARRANGEMENT but everyone seemed to be really stupid in this show too. Everyone's screwing up, everyone just can't shut the fuck up or do the right thing. I was and I still am annoyed at lela Loren's character. She's a manipulative bitch. I hate her to bits. This show has a good kind of suspense but also has a handful of cringe-worthy scene because of stupid decisions and moves. I finished this until its latest third season and although I know I would watch the next upcoming season, I am still thorn if it is HIT or MISS. I'll update y'all too!

Which of these shows have you already watched and what can you say about them?

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