Level Up Your Ukay-Ukay Gaming: Tips + Tricks.

I can still remember vividly how me and my mom got involved with ukay-ukay. When I was still in High School, my black shoes got torn two months before the end of school year, so ninstead of buying new pair of black shoes, I decided to just wear my red rubber shoes as an alternative. By then. almost everyone in the classroom already started wearing rubber shoes too, which is against the school policy. Our adviser made a rule that anyone who wears rubber shoes would have to pay 20php a day. I told my mom about it. At first, she's willing to give me extra money to pay for wearing rubber shoes instead of black shoes. But sooner, she realizes that there's still a few more weeks and 20php a day is a little expensive.

My mother then told me o go home early one time. We went into this small ukay-ukay somehwere in Cubao along Aurora Boulevard. We found a black shoes for only 250php! It's not new, but it's nice. The outer part is like a felt paper and the inside is very sturdy. Hell, I even liked smelling the inside of the shoes because even though I alreay used it, it still smells nice. One of my friend even asked me where I bought it. He looked really impressed when I told him it's from a thrift store. He said that it's an airwalk shoes and it's not available yet at that time in the country. I'm not even aware.

Anyway, it started there. My mother would just go home from somewhere and would give me  a shirt or a shorts from ukay-ukay. My mother's ukay-ukay gaming is already in the expert category by the time I was in college. She can score branded clothes for just a few bucks.

And whenever there's time, we go to ukay-ukay together. Until now, I am not ashamed of admitting that almost everything in my closet came from ukay-ukay. Whenever there's an emergency event I should come to, ukay-ukay is the place for me to look for a dress or clothes. So here's what I do to score good clothes with just a few bucks.

1. I make sure that the ukay-ukay store I go to doesn't have a sign of NEW ARRIVAL or if there are, there's a date in the future for the NEW ARRIVAL. New Arrival meant that the clothes just arrived, meaning, they're still in their highest price. And I don't want to spend more than 100php for just a piece of clothing from there.

2. I make sure to bring my patience with me. There's no telling how much time you'll have to spend in going to an ukay-ukay store. And I love every inch of the time I am looking for something that will fit me and something that I like.

3. I always look for stitches, holes or other issues first before I finally feel relieved when I saw or found something I like. I don't necessarily look for branded ones, I just love intricate style or design, something that I won't see someone wearing the same clothes I am wearing.

4. I always bring an eco bag or extra plastic bag. Most ukay-ukay shops I go to nowadays only have paper bags, and when I shop, I always go home with four or more items so I need something to put it in to.

5. I sometimes ask if it's the last price, or what's the discounted price. Most of the times, the staffs are just waiting to be asked for it.

6. I always start at the cheapest. Like 20php each, 3 for 100php or 4 for 100php. You'll find it surprising once you saw a GAP t-shirt or a ZARA blouse there somewhere.

7. I always fit the clothes I find. There are tons of fitting rooms in ukay-ukay stores. Even though it's cheap, you might want to go home relieved that what you bought really fits you and looks nice on you.

8. Last but not the least, there are other items with stains. Most of the times, I don't buy it, but if I really like the item and I think I can wash it off, I go for it. Stains won't stop me.

I seldom go out these last few months and I am excited to go out again and go thrifting. Do you go to ukay-ukay shops too?

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