Struggles of being One of the Boys.

1. Name-calling - I have been called flirt, playgirl or even a bitch just because I hang out with boys sometimes. They see me as someone who likes being with them for a bunch of reasons, not because I am actually friends with them and I enjoy their company.

2. Identity confusion - For some who doesn't think I flirt with the boys I hang out with, they think that I am actually lesbian. They think that I hang out with them because I feel comfort with people who 'feel' like me.

3. Malicious rumors - It's not uncommon for me to be in a certain gossip going around seeing as I have been talking to a lot of boys, or I have been seen with them in group. They think I do something malicious with them because they can't think of anything I can do whenever I am with a male specie.

4. Matchmaker - I know a lot of men, sure. So some girls find it very easy for me to 'give' them some or for me to introduce them and hopes to gain something out of it. On the other hand, it's harder when my male friends started asking me to introduce them to my female friends because really, I have been asked by most of them for this to be annoyed at the idea.

5. Easy reputation - I have been seen with a lot of men, so they see me as someone who's easy to get. Like I go with them because I am easy to be pleased, someone they can get in a matter or seconds.

6. Friendzone prone - This works both ways. I might like someone out of the bunch and someone might like me in the bunch and neither one of us can reciprocate the feelings. Hence, friendzoned.

7. User tendencies - Some thinks that I am friendly with them because I use them for different things like for their occupation, their physical or mental ability or event because they're well known or has money.

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