How To Spot A Scam Company Or Agency.

I've read a lot of complaints from social media regarding scam companies or agencies that they have been or went to to apply and they just got frustrated because it was too late when they realized that it's actually a scam. Personally, I haven't encountered one in my few years of applying but I know how a legit company or agency looks and operates.

I hate that Filipinos are also one of the biggest reasons why other Filipinos are getting more duped and lied to.

By the stories that they've been telling, the scam companies or agencies are actually more aggressive in terms of the applicants rather than the legit ones. It's really scary knowing you've been scammed. I feel really bad reading their stories on how hopeful they were about the 'supposedly' job only to be devastated after knowing they have been lied to.

Anyway, here are some things to watch out for that I know so far in knowing the scammers.

1. Companies or Agencies looking for applicants don't ask for money from the applicants.
This is already a red flag. I don't know why others would think that this is standard, like, they are looking for people who will work for them so they can pay them, why would they ask you for money first in the first place? But then again, these scammers know what words to use to entice the poor applicants. Their trick is that they will ask you for a few hundreds for different kind of fees like application fee, seminar fee, training fee even medical fee which they will tell you to go to this certain clinic (most likely part of their scam) for it. Legit companies does sometimes send you to their preferred clinic, sometimes they will pay for it, sometimes you will pay for it or it will be deducted in your first salary but this happens when you're already accepted to the company, which goes to the next red flag.

2. Before an applicant will be accepted, they should be interviewed or do some tests first.
Most of the scam companies or agencies just ask for money as fee immediately even without interviewing the applicants because money is the actual goal. How would the company or agency know if you're the right person for the job if they haven't even talked to you or if they did, they didn't really asked the relevant questions about the job you're applying to? Legit company and agency's goal is to know if you'll fit the job you're applying to by talking to you via interviews or letting you answer some tests, not ask for money or fees.

3. There is no such job that you don't need to work for.
Scam companies or agencies will tell you too good to be true offers, such as 'the job will be easy' or that 'you'll just have to work for three to four hours a day and you'll get this huge amount of salary' like basically telling you that you're not working at all but you'll receive a salary. What in the world is that job? If there's such job that exists, then why don't they just do it their self? A lot of applicants fall for this because they are enticed knowing that this is possible but the truth is that, you can't expect to just sit there or do 'simple things' and receive huge amount of money for doing nothing or simple thing that they are telling you. It doesn't work that way. Legit companies or agencies will tell you exactly the nature of your job, that it can be hard so you'll know. They won't sugarcoat because they want you to be ready.

4. The job you're applying to should have job description and other details.
Fake job offers almost always consists of 'data encoder' or 'warehouse worker' or other vague job title which you'll already has an idea of what work you're applying for but not really. You see, as much as you think that applying as a data encoder is that your work will be encoding data or being a warehouse worker will be working as that, as warehouse worker, the details that they can give you is just that. No location, no name of company, sometimes not even type of data or products you'll be encoding or working on. You'll really notice how they avoid telling you other information specially when you ask, because the job doesn't actually exist. If they tell you fake description, you'll also notice that what they're saying won't be consistent, or they will settle with the too good to be true offers to entice you. Watch out for this!

5. The office and the employees should look and feel legit too.
I've been to big companies to apply, but I've also been to small ones to do the same. The size of the office doesn't matter because the content of that office is what's important. Offices of legit companies or agencies has company logos if not on the lobby or at the wall, their office supplies must have at least one of their logos. Companies do spend money on their branding. They also should have permits displayed, and while fake offices can have them too, you can search for how a legit permit looks like so you can see. Next, the employees should act accordingly. I mean, of course there's no rule in what is or what is not an attitude a fake or a legit employee should possess but I've observed from the employees that I've met with is the way they treat you. Human resource department of every companies or agencies are mostly focus on knowing you,your abilities or what you can contribute to the company. They have different roles and you'll be passed on to someone with another 'role' in knowing you better. While in scam companies, you'll mostly just talk to one person who would immediately ask for fees or tell you too good to be true offers. Or they'll just pass you to someone you don't even know what's their job title. Sometimes, they'll talk to you in an informal but charming way to get you comfortable with them. Their clothing can be copied by the scammers. You should also look for their identification cards, they should be wearing ones. The scammers can fake their ID too, but most of them don't bother on having ID.

I hope this helps. If you have something to add, kindly comment below so everyone that would read this can also see it. Let's spread awareness for these scammers.

You can report them to DOLE:
  • You may call DOLE Hotline: 1349 from your fixed-line phones. 
  • Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Building,
    Muralla Wing cor. General Luna St., Intramuros, Manila, 1002, Philippines
  • Or submit legal query here.

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