You Made Me Feel Loved When I Needed It The Most.

I am in the lowest point of my life yet. I tried hiding because I was scared to accept and to face the world. I never saw the world perfectly and I feel like it's imperfection is swallowing me bit by bit. I feel so tired of doing things to make it all better but it just makes it all worse. I always question myself where the hell did I do it wrong?

I was hopeless. I was far from my own self and I don't even know myself anymore.

I feel like I was in the dark lately and no one's there to save me, or if I even want to be saved. I was making myself believed that I was alone and that I should do it alone too, that I have been in this mess because of my decisions and I can't let anyone be in on this. I hate to be anyone's baggage.

I have been always like this. I have a lot of friends but I have never been comfortable with letting them in on my failures. I never understood why I was like this. I always isolate myself when things go wrong because I never wanted to be anyone's burden. I always wanted to be someone who helps when they needed someone to talk to, but I cannot do the same for them.

But you made me feel like I deserved to be saved. You never left. You always made me feel like you were just around the corner, always ready to listen and to help. It's like you are the Heaven's way of saying that I am still important, that I don't have to be alone.

You were still there with your trust. You never strayed. You were so loyal. I didn't know how to be in this situation and it made me realize that I have been alone for so long until you stepped up and made me feel like I am not. I never expected you to stay. I always thought you'd feel the need to give me space but you didn't. You persisted and lifted me up when everyone's just trying to know if I was still in the dark hole.

Suddenly, there became hope. There became light.

You gave me the strength by making me feel loved when I needed it the most.

And I couldn't ask for more,

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