Stop Getting Swallowed By The System.

I hate that everything is all about getting viral right now. That it's all about how many likes, reactions, comments and shares someone's post got that matters. The truth is, I couldn't careless if they all wanted to be famous for nothing. But what's bothering me is that how people forgets the rights of every human being to their privacy.

They feel like just because they own a smartphone or a camera, anything that they see can be a subject of their lenses and be uploaded in their own social media account.Which I find disturbing.

From someone who was just working in a fast food chain who happened to be good looking, to some couple who looked sweet while walking or talking to a flight attendant who's very pretty that became a subject of everyone's curiosity. It's just so scary thinking that it feels you might be the next person as a subject on some viral picture or video that will be uploaded somewhere.

I know that there's the beneficial side to this. The old man who's watching her daughters eat heartily in jolibee is one example of this and it turned for the better for them. Help came as well as a TV station offered his life to be aired. But I still think that it's an invasion of privacy for someone to take photos of anyone to be posted with a caption on how they feel towards a certain scenario. It's just so wrong. You can pour out your heart to your accounts but you really need a picture to be authentic or legit?

Instances like the old man above happens, but most of the times, the person at the subject of every viral posts get scrutinized. People look for their social media accounts and send them messages as well as random comments. This is disturbing.

Taking videos or pictures might be helpful for crimes or for instances that someone's being bugged or for perverts. Some even just takes videos or pictures of children or people on accidents. They need to take a picture or video first before actually helping because likes and views are more important. They have the need inside them to post it. 

Some disguises these as 'for other people to be aware' when all the while, you could have prevented something to happened instead. Whenever I think that I'd be one of the subjects for this thing scares the hell out of me. Imagine being talked about, your face being shared all over the world and you don't even know about it? You're lucky if you get to know, but you can't do anything about it anymore.

People should really stop getting swallowed by the system. For them, being viral is a thing to be brag about. I know not everything that gets viral are the 'famewhore' ones but still. I'm a fan of contents that's really helpful. But to take someone's photo or video and post it to be shared and viewed by a lot of people without his or her knowledge is a big issue. Everyone is entitle to their privacy and you are violating them. Specially if the words used were misleading. 

While you're happy for the statistics of your post, other people's lives gets ruined because of it and you have no idea.

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