Too Much Hope Can Crush You.

It all started when I received a message from my wattpad account stating that they are interested in acquiring and publishing my story, I Married the Ice King. They asked for my email address and we talked about it. It was a defining moment from me. It was just two months after my father died and it became a ray of hope for me and my family. I mean, I never hoped to be rich out of it, but I saw it as a stepping stone for a lot of opportunities ahead. It made me hope that it will be a start for me to be a better version of myself.

Fast forward, came March 1, 2014. It was our first ever book signing and the imprint's launching. A lot of people came. It was surreal. People are so excited to meet us, writers, and of course we are too. Even the soon to be published writers were also invited because the readers also wants to meet them. Everything is going into place where I want it to be. I was high with the thought that everything will all be alright after this. That I can do a lot more now that I have a start.

2014 was a blast. We were touring, going places and meeting a lot of people. It's more than I can wish for. I got comfortable, which I should not, because when 2015 came, it all started to get blurry. There were times that I question myself what went wrong? But there's just so much that I can tell to myself. I still went on to the path because I was hopeful. I am full of hope and with that, 2015 went like a bubble. 2016 became a little better on the first half of it. But it all became worse when the another half came.

2017 is supposed to be my year, because I have hopes, and I do my best in fulfilling what my hopes are. But I still can't answer the question what went wrong that it turned out this way? I've had hope, and I worked hard.

In the end, too much hope crushed me.

I thought life is that easy. Actually, it is. There will just be a few bumps on the road and people who doesn't want to see you succeed. You can blame them all you want, but in the end, you are still the one that's left to still push through and work through the hope you had.

My name is Hazel Evangelista. I am a published writer, an event organizer and a blogger. I may stumbled upon the few bumps and cry at times when I think I can no longer take it, but I've had hope. Too much of it that it crushed me, but I am still here.

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