Life Lately [07-24-17]

It's been a few weeks since my last blog post and I feel guilty feeling like I neglected my blog. It's just that I have been really busy with updating my stories and I am seizing the opportunity until I still feel my creative juices flowing. This has been the result of my social media hiatus since February. If you'll notice, I have been posting blog posts a lot on the last few months because I focused on blogging rather than being distracted with social media.

So I have a lot of stuff to do this coming August, my birthday month. Unlike last year, I didn't organized an event exactly on my birthday date, which is August 6, because mom wanted to spend that date with me and my sister in Richmonde Hotel, where I won a free accommodation from Travelbook! They're so cool!

Anyway, here's the list of a few updates about me in bullets!

  • I have an upcoming event under Strange Avenue Production! It's a Dialogue Reading Contest wherein the contestants are going to read their favorite scenes from their favorite book with feelings and they will be judged accordingly to the criteria. I invited a few wattpad writer friends to be the judges. Some of you might find it interesting! The winners will win P1000, P500 and P300. While the entrance fee is just P50. Venue is at the Gaia Events Place in Cubao. You guys can look it up on facebook!
  • I am really starting to go back to my old self. A few friends helped me with my 'books' problems and I am very positive about the outcome.
  • I finished my first ever GHOST WRITING gig ever!
  • I feel so bad that when I already found a potential client in my online writing venture, our internet connection got cut for some reason. I've been calling PLDT to check. We just woke up one afternoon that we don't have a connection. I kept calling everyday, they kept on saying they already escalated the request (I can't blame the tech support as they are just there to report any technical issues) and the onsite tech came after nine days! Imagine the days we didn't have a connection! Turned out, our line got cut because of the construction site near the post where our line is connected. Psssh!
  • My graham balls business as well as me and my sister's ham roll business is doing pretty fantastic! People still loves my graham balls (which my mom sells in their school canteen and the canteen gets a percentage of the sales) and the ham roll is in our house. Buyers just knock and tell us how many then we cook and we give it to them! Cooking ham roll doesn't take long, 2-3 minutes tops. I do meet ups for orders on tubs of graham balls! Check Scarlette Kitchen! 
  • I passed one of my story as ScarletteQueen into another publishing house and I am still waiting for the response.
  • I am pushing through my Isabela Trip because I really can't stop thinking about going there!
  • I've just discovered CONGTV and I am loving his funny videos and antics!
  • I just received a freaking job offer from a blogger that I have been following since 2012 to be a part of their newly launch marketing business! I am still waiting for more details but I am totally in!!!
  • I am currently open for any Ghost Writing jobs! Essays, articles and other related stuff! Send me a message at heyleelay(a)gmail(dot)com!
  • I still don't go out that much like before. I enjoy my time at home. I'll start going out again probably this September.
  • I miss the huzzle and buzzle of MIBF and I'm a little hyped to go this year, although I probably won't have a book signing schedule like last year (I have no release this year yet) but I'm all for seeing old friends there!
  • I'll probably miss being a part of the Wattpad Ambassadors but I'd just enjoy being a guest.
  • Currently learning more stuff about social media marketing.
So, yeah! What's with your life lately?

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