10 Pesos All Items: Do They Work?

I'm a cheapskate, in a way that if I know I can get a product with the same value for a lower price, I will. That's why I frequent Ukay-Ukays rather than going to malls immediately when buying clothes or shopping. And I find nothing wrong in that. I also respect other people if they want to buy branded clothes or things because honestly, it is their prerogative!

So anyway, I decided to start a series here wherein I will post my experiences or review products that I buy in ukay-ukays or stores such as this one in Farmers, the 10 Pesos All Items shop. Whatever you see in the store, it's only 10 pesos! It's like Japan Homes with their 89 Pesos All Items but way cheaper per products.

A lot of people would cringe at the thought of this. I mean, seriously! What 'usable' product can you possibly buy for 10 pesos? Even biscuits are already 7-8 pesos each already!

So I tried of these products can really be useful.

I bought 4 random products that I can test/try.

Hair Bun for 10 pesos? Yes! My think hair filled it up perfectly. I'm sorry for the messy hair though. Lol. Anyway, it is actually sturdy and also a little hard. I use it now sometimes because I feel my head look better with it than just putting my hair in a random bun.

Did it work? YES!

This was a risk I took for 10 pesos. My little cousin likes blowing bubbles and I thought, I might give this to her if this would work, or I would just use the container and put water and detergent inside. The surprising this was, this works better than the pricey one I first bought my little cousin. Like, the formula is better, it gives off a lot of bubbles than the 100+ worth blow bubble I bought before. And now, my sister like playing this one.

She's 22 years old. Lol.

Did it work? 100% YES!

The pocket flashlight on the other hand does light up, although it gives off a little dim and hazy looking light. But hell, for a 10 peso product, who would have thought you could get a pocket flashlight? This is perfect for under the pillow flashlight if the light switch is a little far from your bed or if you have to go down the first floor to pee. 

Did it work? YES! But not the best quality. Still!!!!

This is my favorite. I was thinking of thoughts like "maybe only two or three pieces in here won't work" or I was getting ready to be disappointed. But lo and behold! All of them did work, although the yellow green one's acting up. Still, 6 colorful ballpens for 10 pesos is a freaking steal! The holder looks and feels cheap but I can use this and I will definitely use ths!

Did it work? Yes yes yow!

So overall, my 40 Pesos didn't disappoint. Everything I bought in the 10 Pesos All Items store worked and I can actually use them in my everyday life. How awesome, right?

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