First Bite: Lemon Square's Cookie Says!

I grew up with lemon square cupcakes, and when we launched our first ever #FreeBookDayPH event, Lemon Square is the only company out of the many that we tried to reach out to, to ask for help in making sure that the event would be a success. They gave us three boxes of Lemon Square cupcakes that we gave to the people who came as snacks! 

I already love this brand before but because of the help they gave us (they didn't push us around like other companies/brands did, or asked for more requirements but only to still pull out in the end) I love them more!

So anyway, my mom would usually bring us some snacks whenever she goes home from school, even now that we're already adults. Most of the times, she'll bring us familiar snacks but there are instances wherein she'll bring something new to us. And one of those instances is when she brought this cookies from Lemon Square!

They have four flavors.





But unfortunately, mom only has two out of the four flavors. And they are the Choco Bavarian and Mango Graham. Of course, I didn't pass the opportunity to taste the two flavors immediately.

They smell heavenly.

It's called COOKIE SAYS because the cookies has phrases in each of them!

Sorry for the cracked one. I got excited!

Now, for the taste, the Mango Graham is so delicious! It tastes like you're really eating a dessert. For a few peso, you'll feel like you're eating a pricey dessert in some fancy restaurant and I am not even joking. This instantly became a favorite! While the Choco Bavarian tastes a little like Cream-O. I swear! It can be the cheaper option and it's also delicious. I can't get over the taste of this two flavors. Also the smell is very appetizing.

And now I am wondering how would the other two more would taste? Strawberry Cheesecake and Double Peanut Butter sounds good too! I'll edit this post once I got to taste the other two.

This can be good not just for kids but also for adults.

I searched for its price and I saw in Kanto.Ph that it is P44.75 per pack of P10.00.

This can be my snack while writing partnered with iced coffee on the side!

(This is not a sponsored post.)

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