Korean Face Masks Haul!

I am not the type to be conscious of my skin even before I was young. When I entered secondary school, my face is smooth and clear. When I started to sleep late, pimples just popped everywhere. And then my face became a disaster. it really didn't bother me that much, it didn't lessen my confidence and all, but lately I realized how I should have took care of my skin when I was younger.

Although I am still not the super conscious type, I am now a taking a little bit more time in taking care of my skin. I tried doing some routine that involves toner and moisturizer but I guess I am too lazy to work with time.

Now, when I discovered the wonders of face masks a few years ago, I make sure to buy or try a few variants for me to know what would really work best for me. I have reviewed Moist Peach Face Mask here in my blog before and it did wonders to my skin just a few times of using. Plus, it is cheap!

A few days ago, one of those times where I decided to go out after a few days or even weeks of just being in the house sulking, writing and wondering about life, I purposely passed by this Korean Lifestyle Store that I frequent, which is I will also blog soon. I looked at the new selection of the masks they have. Sadly, I didn't see anymore Moist products and I don't know if they're just out of stock or they changed their brand of face masks that they are now selling.

They have this one whole shelf and the next one just for these face masks! I don't know if all of these are made by WEDO but I've seen most of them has the WEDO Logo. I decided to try a few of them so I chose a few face masks that I fancy. I was feeling goddy and excited because it's been a while since I last used a face mask and it's from the first brand I used and bought from the same store.

These two first caught my eye. Anything dark is appealing for me! Lol.

The yellow one is Bamboo Charcoal Oil Control and Moisturizing Black Mask.

Efficacy: Adopt bamboo charcoal mask with silky, ventilated and compatible nature to provide considerate care for skin; replenish oil control essences, balance water and oil, relieve greasy skin, form hydrating barrier on skin surface, powerfully moisturize the dry skin and keep skin moist instead of greasy,

Wow. Huge claims! 

The gray one, on the other hand is Bamboo Tendering and Brightening Black Mask.

Efficacy: Adopt bamboo charcoal mas with silky, ventilated and compatible nature to provide considerate care for skin; contain hydrating essences, moisturize and tender skin, fade dull tone, boost luster and keep skin moist, tender, clear and lustrous.

A lot of claims, huh?

But I do believe that you'll reach the most potential of any product you use with the consistency of your usage. You can't use a whitening soap for two days an expect to be as white as the women in the commercials. It'll take time, and you'll see results. So maybe these claims are true.

The green colored one is what caught my eyes. 

It is the Green Tea Essential Relieving and Hydrating Mask.

Efficacy: Containing active beautifying essences with natural green tea extracts, the product can moisturize skin, boost luster, relieve dry and dull skin and keep skin refreshing and comfortable; combining the silk mask with sufficient green tea extract, it highlights moist, clear, vigorous and lustrous skin.

I can already see that they love using these adjectives. Haha! 

The yellow colored one is the White Camellia Essential Tendering and Brightening Mask.

I won't bother to put their claims anymore because they just seemed to be claiming same claims with just different masks! Which, I hope, since they have a big selection, they could have put just one claim per one mask rather than like dropping bomb in one product.

These last two, unlike the first four items, are far more different looking.

The violet one is Relieving Polypeptide Mask:
1. Jade-like stone emebelish wet
2. Balancing and tendering (again with the tendering! lol)
3. Moisturizing (they don't die, they multiply) - But really, most masks I know are actually for moisturizing!

Efficacy: (Surprise that it's a little different with a few same adjectives) Containing polypeptide essences, it can penetrate into deep skin, replenish water to relieve dry and strained feeling, increase moisture relieve skin and highlight moist, lustrous and tender skin.

The other one is the Honey Essential Tendering Moisturizing Mask.

Efficacy: Adopt compatible and comfortable mask with precious honey extract; replenish nutrition into skin, tender rough skin, mildly moisturize skin and form hydrating membrane on skin surface, supply water into skin with total effects, and keep skin moist, tender and smooth.

It irks me reading the word TENDER over and over again, all I think is eating the tender baby back ribs from Banapple. Haha! 

Anyway, I am still excited to try these. It will probably take me a few weeks to try all of them but I will make sure to post a blog post about these! They all loo so appealing! My first try with a Korean mask is with Moist and I had a pleasant experience. So I am hoping for these masks to surpass, if not level the experience that Moist had let me experience.

Each one only costs P33.00! The lady assisting me told me that if I buy five pieces, I can have one free! I only plan to buy 3 but when I heard it, yeah, you know what happened. That's why there's 6 pieces of masks above.

It's fairly cheap, and I don't really know the WEDO brand. When I searched for it in google, a blog about a WEDO shop (also a Korean Lifestyle Store) in Cebu popped up. I will try to look for more information about the company and hopefully I can already include it in the blog when I already tried all of these.

They have a website listed at the back of every masks but when I looked for it, it says the SITE CANNOT BE REACHED.


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